8 Amazing Health Benefits Of Table Tennis

Ping pong can be enjoyed anywhere- indoors or outdoors need a ping pong table, paddle and a light weight ball, everyone can play it. There are many table tennis health benefits. For instance, table tennis is a fascinating cardiovascular activity to strengthen your heart. This is mainly because it involves balance, flexibility, and agility. However, the fun of the game lies in the intense focus that challenges your brain to function with precision. A study conducted in Japan revealed that table tennis triggers optimal activity in the prefrontal cortex and cerebellum. When playing table tennis, the brain has to concentrate, keep track of a quick ball, work out spins, and map out shots with strategic hits at the same time. Given its low-risk nature, table tennis meets the needs of players of all ages or fitness levels. Other health benefits associated with regular play include improved reflexes, toned and strengthened core muscles, stimulated joints and increased metabolic rate. The need to adjust direction, dynamic balance, tempo and judge ball trajectory helps keep the brain alert at all times. Below are 8 amazing health benefits of table tennis:


1. Overall Fitness Levels

Table tennis lacks heavy equipment and has a low risk of accidents while the swift movements do not strain joints. It comes in handy for people of all ages, physical fitness, sex, and ability. The sport’s high-intensity cardiovascular activity strengthens your heart and tones all core muscles, in the upper and lower parts of the body. It ranks as one of the most fabulous aerobic exercises. As you rush out on your feet sideways at the table, your heart rate escalates causing massive spikes in the body’s oxygen expenditure. Your lung capacity augments due to more intense, faster and deeper breathes. Playing has gentle impacts on the body making it ideal if you have constraints, bruises, and broken joints. Since its enjoyable and addictive, ping pong can significantly rejuvenate the cardiovascular system, boost the immune system and overall fitness level. The fast-paced, short distance movements tone the gross and fine muscles that the amazing table tennis health benefits.

2. Weight Loss

Is weight loss among the health benefits of ping pong, is table tennis good exercise? Ping pong or table tennis can lead to a quantum drop in extra weight due to its brisk-paced movements. The quantity of weight you shed depends on muscle volume, age, fitness level, sex, and intensity. Players who weigh up to 120 lbs. burn a minimum of 8.4 calories per minute. Individuals with more than 170 pounds can burn up to 15.5 calories per minute. The numbers crunch in the neighborhood of 570 to 930 calories expended in one hour of table tennis. Use a caloric expenditure calculator to estimate the number of pounds lost.

3. Burns Calories

The caloric outflow for table tennis surpasses walking on treadmills due to the exhausting and vigorous movements. Your body responds differently to table tennis, and the number of calories burnt differs on weight, intensity, and time spent during the session. The sport keeps players on their toes and burns tons of calories in a shorter space of time The most experienced athletes can burn a whack of 600 calories per hour. The numerous, simultaneous activities including running, walking, motor coordination and instantaneous thinking increase the rate of caloric depletion. It provides an entertaining way to burn calories without the intensity and rigor demanded by contact sports. The elderly, children, diabetic or obese can mitigate weight-related conditions by playing table tennis.

4. Improve Core Muscles

Table tennis draws in and strengthens all core muscles of the fore and posterior regions in the body. The high-energy moves strengthen your back and abdomen with the lateral twist of side abdominal muscles. Bouncing back the ball continuously with a heck of force stimulates your shoulder and arm. Chasing the ball at high-speed around the table props up legs and tones up joints.

5. Improves Balance

Table tennis helps enhance your dynamic balance as you master coordinative movements. Players have to maintain an equilibrium posture to generate enough force and efficient movements. Maintaining balance and adjusting direction play a crucial role in ping pong. Improved dynamic balance fosters health for old players.

6. Improves Eye Coordination

Ping pong sessions improve hand-eye coordination further stimulating mental alertness, focus and fine-tune motor skills control. With regular play, the brain expands at regions associated with hand-eye coordination. Keeping an eye on the ball’s trajectory as it oscillates across the table equips you with eagle-eyed acuity.

7. Ping Pong Good For Brain

In addition to the table tennis health benefits, table tennis offers a nail-biting mental exercise. To avoid errant hits, you must strategize spins and think ahead of your opponents by responding to their shots with pre-determined precision. Decision-making takes micro-seconds; this improves concentration levels while stimulating both the prefrontal cortex and short-term memory processing zone A hyper-active brain becomes sharper due to better motor skills and cognitive ability. The sport spurs blood circulation in the brain keeping Alzheimer’s disease and dementia at bay. The aerobic activity invigorates the hippocampus, the region in the brain used for capturing long-term facts, memories or events.

8. Beneficial for Older People

The speed, ball projection, and spins result to sharpened mental acuity due to hormonal boost and slowed rate of aging in the brain. The lightning-fast decisions help prevent cognitive decline associated with aging. Table tennis helps seniors fight dementia and Alzheimer’s by developing young minds. Ping pong remains risk-free, non-contact and less demanding for elders seeking combo activity, brain regimen, and means to improve overall fitness levels. It also carves out a social outlet for both old and young to rub shoulders at a leveled playing field.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, the many health benefits of table tennis are just a tip of the iceberg as you can throw in specialized equipment and hacks to overcome physical limitations. Only a handful of the sports allow everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, experience and strength to partake without risks or hitches. The need for agility, sharp thinking and focus, dynamic balance, and reflex coordination improves mental and physical ability. The low-impact sport stimulates many regions in the brain concurrently and renders a whole range of mental benefits for Alzheimer or dementia patients. Ping pong or table tennis improves your cardiovascular system, overall fitness, hand-eye coordination, soothes joints, enhances concentration and churns out calories at an incredible rate.

Virginia Wise

Hi I’m Virginia Wise; 25 years blogger from Queens New York. I’ve completed graduation on Food and Nutrition Sciences from reputed University. Ping Pong or table tennis is my passion. I’m writing here about my experience.

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