Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket Review

Table tennis is a game in which performers who are always two or four players hit the hollow and light ball forward and backward using table tennis rackets practice is the key to improve in tennis, and therefore have the right equipment. So, it makes sense to invest in the right racquet, which is suitable for your skill level and style of play. In fact, to improve your game, you also need to find a good racket. Table Tennis rackets are designed taking into account the skill levels of different players, such as rockets or starters, all intermediate missiles or racquets, as well as control rackets or tournament. Using the right racket for your skill level and style of play should increase your chances of improving the game to become more competitive. If you want to improve your skills in playing table tennis, use the Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket.

Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

Features of Stiga pro carbon table tennis racket

It is made of high-quality materials that make it durable, and lightweight. This is a surface made up of S5 rubber, which will increase the ability and speed of shocks. The elegant red color completes its modern appearance. This racket contains two layers of carbon embedded in its blades, creating additional stiffness for strong shocks. The Stiga ProCarbon racket contains AN anatomical handle, which creates it tightly and provides a strong grip, during participation. Many ACS light air capsules in rubber provide high speed for integration with most strict and distinct control.

The Handle

The handle of the Stiga pro carbon table tennis racket is intended specified it balances the load of the blade in your hands and it doesn’t desire a hammer once victimization it. The design options a metal rod among that helps provide you with an honest grip (with whichever grip style) ANd an overall balance for even strokes. it’s slightly lighter than the blade specified all the momentum is directed to the middle of the blade and provides your shot additional power.


The pile of wood used to plan the rubber blade is complemented by the S5 STIGA, which is a soft spongy pair of jaws at thickness 0.8 mm, which indicated that the blackface may be slightly more durable than the red face. Rubber has a novelty and can only generate an adjustable number of revolutions and mechanical rotation with huge control properties. These units of the parameters area are important to alert you that you have lost your blows to an enemy opponent. For modification, the blade can produce strenuous footage, although it is not smart, it will be wider. Often prevent rubber. ITTF-class rubber-approved rubber: professional carbon rubber STIGA approved by the International Federation of Gambling Tables to perform spinnistoy-level rubber games definitely excellent to generate spin, while the rubber symptoms are exceptionally long in this they return most back Your opponent to him. These forms of rubber can be obtained at a cheap price in many online stores


Part of the racket made by seven lean piles of wood, five of balsa from the field, while the 2-carbon angle of the remaining unit used in the outer layer of each face of the blade, enriches the strength of balsa. Balsa itself is a super-light wood that has a significant impact on the speed and duration of the shipment during the delivery of the ping-Muffet blade. No doubt this combination improves the strength and strength of the blade while maintaining a huge management rating. This professional carbon mix makes it heavier than most finished paddles, but it is still lightweight compared to the factory-made alternative blades to play in an offensive manner.

Technically, with such weight per blow, you will not worry about damaging the blade, too much fatigue on the ball. In addition, the frequency effect on the blade will be reduced from contact with the ball. However, it is assumed that, given the strength of the countertop, you should go directly to your punches to prevent the ball from further than the length of your opponent’s face.

This style reduces the ability to render slow loops or clicks. Thus, it is additionally preferred, as a flat contact, to rotate and rotate. You can also monitor whether you are good or not, using a powerful blade or universal paddle. Harder paddles offer faster impact than general blades. In addition, for the current, universal blade can give you a much better kick back. Speed can be an important part. Once you check the highlights of any particular racket in the market, you want to understand how much speed the racquet offers.


Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket’s Performance


When serve

Place the back of your back and/or side rotation on the ball using your viscous rubber, and clean the ball with the help of direct action from the bottom (and curve to the side rotation). With this rubber, it is much easier, but there is still little practice. This is likely to give you a few points, but some will return. When back, he will always have a large withdrawal, or your own, or the rotation of your competitor’s transfer. Click on the next shot with the long acne scooter, do not press it or try to attack it, but try to keep it as low as possible, but make sure it is on the table. A long rubber pimple will change the direction of the rotation that is approaching you, leading to the bounce of balls and balls that are unpredictable. There are great odds that your opponent will miss the ball or pull it so you can postpone the next, so be prepared. If you return it, continue with the walk, either by rotating the ball with its viscous rubber, or gently replacing it with rubber.

If you find that your opponent is good enough to get used to your spinning services, adapt to them, do the same with your long acne rubber and enjoy the results. Your opponent will be in the rotation not and will cause errors or light balls that can be removed.

When you receiving

If your opponent uses a lot of gyro in his servers, try returning it all using a long rubber blister. This will return most of his back and will be in trouble. If it works with a very small amount of circulation, try turning it back with revolving rubber, if you can. If this returns, some rotation will be returned to you, so you press the long rubber blister and try again to make another mistake. Please read our article about you will a great way to make any table for you playing ping pong.

Why we recommend to buy Stiga pro carbon

Stiga Pro Carbon

  • Heavy handle: One of the obvious advantages of a table tennis racket from the Stiga Pro is a heavier handle than you would notice on replacement panels. This helps you maintain a better grip on your paddle and help you change the approach you click on the ball to create rings and appearances.
  • Light blade: Despite the fact that he has a heavier pen, the blade on the table tennis racket in the “Stiga” style is very light. It provides seven completely different layers of carbon and alternative materials, but as a rubber pad on the surface. This easy style helps you play longer, with a sense of discomfort.
  • More control: With a strike rate of eighty, this racket can give you extra control, but you hit the ball and wherever the ball goes. It also includes a high-performance rating for each rotation and speed that can help you add the right amount of rotation and ensure that you get the speed required each time you service or access.


Stiga pro carbon table tennis racket Is ITFF adopted paddle, it can be used in official tournaments of all levels. Such as the alternative STIGA product, its performance is affected by WRB technology, which includes a load balancing function that helps change the balance of the blade to connect to the ball; a recovery speed function that reduces blade loading when the recovery moves at each stroke; Knob and stroke. The competitive table tennis game for Stiga style games is suitable for beginners who develop a table tennis game, but novices who do not have previous talent and skills in this sport may notice that this touch is boring to use.

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