STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table Review

Play your table tennis with a right table that will take your recreational moments and experience to the next level. Whether you are an amateur who wants to play table tennis for funny or intending to go global in playing pong game, then stiga instaplay table tennis table is the best for you. Table tennis is among the Olympic Games in the world and has been famous for over 100 years now. Apart from those who practice it to participate in Olympic competitions many other people play table tennis because it is funny and keeps one fit. Imagine doing something funny and healthy, when playing table tennis with a stiga table you get double benefits, you enjoy and the same time enhancing your cardiovascular condition.

The best way to do it is to look at ping-pong table reviews and use that as a starting point when making a decision about your own purchase. This is a good place to start whether you are choosing an indoor ping pong table or an outdoor ping pong table. There are many table tennis tables in the market but stiga has features which makes the game more interesting and simple to learn. I have played pong with many varieties of them, and I attest that none is very performing like stiga. If youre interested in a high quality table that is used indoors, you would be hard pressed to find one better than the STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table. Stay with me and learn why this pong table is special from others.

Key Features of STIGA instaplay table tennis table which makes it outstanding

There are actually a lot of key features on this particular product that make it an excellent choice when you are deciding what to purchase. Below are the top key features that truly make this product one of the best choices out there. Continue reading to find out more about each one.

Top thickness

The thickness of your tennis table top determines how far you can go enjoying your game. How would you feel if your table pends when the game is at the peak? A bad experience definitely, you don’t want to spoil your mood. The simple rule of the thumb, in this case, is that the thicker is your tabletop, the better. Professionally, a thickness which is anything less than 0.75 inches won’t offer you the desired test of the game. Such a table will not withstand the war-pages during the game and the ping pong game will be boring due to lack of consistency bouncing of the ball.

Fortunate enough stiga instaplay table tennis table has a top surface thickness of three-quarter inches giving it the resistance required to warpage and keeping your ball bouncing consistently. Also to add to its bouncing ability, it is made of a material with properties supporting natural bouncing.


Frame thickness and durability

I am sure you don’t need a ping pong table which will break a few days after buying or which you will spend your gaming timing to overcome intense playing. You require a tennis table stable and robust enough to withstand extreme play and which will last. A table tennis table which can fit into those requirements has to have largely sized legs and a good number of connection joints within its frame. Analogously if I may say, the durability and strength of ping pong table are like a chain. The more connection points it has on its legs, the more robust and durable it is considered to be.

If you want a table worthy of your money, which is strong and will last long, consider going for this stiga type of tennis table. It has 2 inch squared legs made of steel and to add to its strength, it has 2-inch steel apron to support the legs.

Locking Wheels

There is nothing more frustrating than being involved in an intense game of table tennis, only to have the table start shifting from one direction to the other. You never have to worry about that with this particular product because the wheels lock in place. Once theyre locked, you can simply play until your heart’s content and you can play as hard as you like. You wont have to worry about chasing the table down in the middle of the game.



If you have purchased a table tennis table before or you have come across one either in your friends’ places or at the market you notice that most of the have stationary net systems. The fixed net system is made of brackets purposed to hold the net firm in position during gaming time when you and your family or friends are playing. Stationary net means that the net is permanently held in its location and you cannot remove it. For purposes flexibility and storage of indoor ping pong tables, you need one with a removable net. For that reason, stiga brings you a flexible and detachable 66 inches net and posts system. Therefore, this is the best option for your indoor gaming.



In addition to the higher number of connection points mentioned above, the overall strength of a table tennis table is majorly determined by its undercarriage. The undercarriage of a stiga instaplay table is made up of its legs and its folding mechanism. A table with a sturdy undercarriage will offer you an opportunity to play competitively every day anytime you like. Stiga gives you the undercarriage you deserve with a folding ability for convenient storage.


Spare parts and guarantees

Going for a strong and durable ping pong table is all you need to avoid disappointments from breakdowns. From my experience with the stiga instaplay ping pong, you may never come across break down problems since it is robust and durable. It is made of steel, a durable metal material, which gives it the ability to withstand warpages. However, in case of any break stiga manufacturer offer you a warrant, and after the authorization has expired, they can supply you spare parts anytime upon placing an order. Therefore, don’t be afraid of breaks, this is a table from a stable and a reputable manufacturer which is at your service always upon request.



In most case, ping pong tables require some assembling, and therefore you need a manual or any directives on how to assemble it. Always make sure you are provided with an official manual from the manufacturer if your table requires assembling. Sincerely speaking assembling a ping pong table might be very challenging sometimes and if you have never joined one before you can take 40 to 50 minutes to do it. Also, in extreme cases, you may never assemble it correctly thus disappointing you if your friend were in waiting to test playing table tennis on that new ’playground.’

The good thing about the stiga ping pong table in question is that it doesn’t require any assembling. It comes ready for immediate play, the only thing you need it to unfold it and the game kicks off. No time wastage for assembling.

  • Full-size indoor ping pong table with net set
  • Folding capacity helps you to store in a small place
  • Corner pad for purposes of protection
  • Natural bouncing capabilities
  • Two-inch apron to support the legs during intense play
  • Foldable for convenience during storage
  • May sag after some time on use
  • Can warp when stored at a humid place

Final Verdict

JOOLA is a favorite brand for manufacture table tennis table or ping pong table. Ping pong game is going more popular in recent days. For that reason, all manufacturers try to produce more efficient table tennis table for fulfilling the future demand. After this review content, you must understand JOOLA can offer lots of beneficial feature within this amazingly low price. You can get portable or folding capacity, it takes minimum space for storage, and you make it in playback position, eight wheels for easy moving. I can strongly recommend this table tennis table for continuing your indoor gaming entertainment.

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