Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Review

Table tennis is a similar game as lawn tennis, usually this table tennis game played by two or four players on a table with wooden paddles and a small hollow plastic ball. As in table tennis, the table has a net that divides the playing area into two portions. Though during the game in table tennis or ping pong table, the ball must bounce once before clearing the net and again bounce before being struck by the opponent player. The player hit for returning the ball should not let the ball bounce again on his or her side after hitting the ball. That is the usual process of table tennis or ping pong game. If you have to be serious to buy a ping pong table for your home or office with affordable price, It’s no doubt that stiga advantage table tennis table is a best ping pong table under 500$.

Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table

Table tennis or known as ping pong is currently one of the fastest growing, and popular sports in the world along with almost everyone will have played it at some point in their lives. Millions of people not only love this game they can play this game regularly. Table tennis or ping pong game rule is very easy, and the game is also not so hard to play. For that reason, anyone can watch this game. But without a table tennis table, you can’t play this game regularly in your home. You can easily arrange a tournament or arrange daily match after job hour into your home. You can do it if you have an indoor table tennis or ping pong table. In the market, you can see hundreds of models from the dozen of brands. But all are not proper for your indoor table tennis tournament.

In this review content, I can show and recommend you this STIGA advantage table tennis table or ping pong table. Its price is remarkable under $500, so you can easily afford this table. Of you interested in buying an indoor table tennis table or ping pong table, then please read this review this content. I hope you can understand all fantastic feature of STIGA advantage table tennis table.

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table Construction

At the beginning of this content, I want to describe the overall table construction. The STIGA Advantage table tennis table has 5/8″ thick Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) table top, and that is professionally designed by an automated roller coating development. That development gives a very nice looking as well as durable dark blue playing table surface which has silkscreen printed lines around the table. But many entry-level ping pong tables that have the strip on lines, the printed lines will not come off, and that will affect the bounce of the ping pong ball. It’s quite important to note that though the playing surface is very durable and this table is suitable for indoor use only. The Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) surface is not intended to hold up moisture or harsh changes in temperature.

STIGA Advantage Table Construction

STIGA advantage is portable indoor table tennis table. You can easily fold it without any hassle. It also helps you to store it in a minimum space. After the fold, it stands with four legs, and smooth eight wheels incorporate those. That wheel helps to move one place to another location if you desire. STIGA advantage led levelers are made with heavy-duty steel materials. It is quite important because of the table can stand on this leg that can take lots of weight on it. If you want to feel the professional game mode, then this is the best ping pong table for you.

It includes 72 inches heavy-duty net with post set which is made from premium cotton-blend net. That is also design with tension adjustment for the instant start the game and non-stop gaming fun. The table surface of the STIGA advantage table tennis table is supported by 1.5-inch connected steel, tube style apron. That is a nice feature for solid support with the MDF top giving a proper and consistent bounce across the playing surface. The aprons design with very heavy-duty steel which is amazing for a table at this main spot.

Portability and storage

In the modern town life, everyone can’t afford a large size house. For that reason, people try to buy such type of product which can take minimum space. If you love ping pong game and you live in a small house, then fold up ping pong table is the ideal choice for you. If you notice my recommended STIGA advantage table tennis table, it designs with portable or folding capacity. Fold up facility helps a user to store his or her ping pong table in a tiny or minimum space. In the current market, you can see maximum table tennis or ping pong table are design with fold up or portable facility. But all do not provide proper folding performance. So you have to find such type of table which can give you a smooth feel while folding your table tennis table.

Safety feature

Stiga Advantage table Portability and storage

Safety is always an important consideration when you are going to purchase any stuff for your personal use. Then you must focus on its safety feature. You may don’t want to any barrier to the middle of the game. A good quality table tennis table must be proper durable structure, and it can take enough weight. Another important safety feature is safety lock system. I know you can think what the safety lock in a table tennis table is? Ok, I can clear this confusion. Previously, I can tell you this table can move on its four-wheel leg. STIGA can design a lock system for lock the when for stopping the movement. You can also lock the table while folding up position.

Affordable Price

Price is always a major issue when you are going to purchase any stuff or product for your house. A person can’t live without proper recreation or entertainment. People involve different types of for taking the desired entertainment. Many people playing different types of sports whatever that is indoor or outdoor. A table tennis or ping pong table game is also such kind of game which can provide you unlimited fun, entertainment, and recreation. If you decide to buy a table tennis table and also try to adjust your budget. Then I have a great solution for you. I can recommend you this STIGA advantage table tennis table. It is the best cheap ping pong table compares it’s all remarkable feature. You can all those amazing facility within this low price. STIGA advantage price is under five hundred dollar

  • Affordable Price
  • Comes with 95% preassembled position
  • 1-inch steel legs provide extra support
  • 5/8 inch thick table top with multiple roller coat finish.
  • 1-inch steel legs provide extra support
  • 2-inch wheels help you to move smoothly
  • Includes 72-inch heavy-duty net and post set
  • Not gives you professional game experience
  • Some customer complain about its durability


What we like about it

Table tennis or ping pong table is the most popular game in the current popular game ranking. Millions of people can play this game regularly. They try to arrange tournament or friendly match in their house. For that reason indoor table tennis table’s demand can go pretty high. You can find lots of alternative in the market. But all are not giving you professional gaming experience. So I can recommend this STIGA advantage table tennis table. You can get it at an affordable price, and it also featured with all amazing facility what you desire from a table tennis table and best ping pong table under $500. Please do not feel hesitated to visit 8 table tennis conversion top reviews to look at alternative product.

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