How to Practice Table Tennis Alone, 6 Tips to Play Solo

In all sports you have to train hard to get the result you need – table tennis is no exception. Table tennis is exceptionally technical and includes numerous techniques and abilities that all take time to learn. To enhance those skills, you have to rehearse hard, and that is the place training starts, practice table tennis alone.

practice table tennis alone

1. Familiarize yourself with the rules

Unlike most different players, it is essential that you acquaint yourself with the rules before starting a proper tennis training. Otherwise, you could lose many games points due to disappointment. The guidelines enable you to limit what you saw to be a mistake and how to get out of it.

2. Footwork works out

As you have likely been told a lot of times, footwork is one of the essential parts of table tennis. This is the establishment whereby all strokes are based. As a beginner, you have to concentrate on right body and foot positioning before you become familiar with the real strokes. You should set aside your time to get yourself in the correct position for each shot you take.

You don’t need to be in your club to rehearse footwork. You can do it effectively in a park center or even at home. Your goal is to create stamina and speed while playing out the correct movement of your feet. Be flexible to move in every direction since that is the thing that you’ll find in real games.

Always try to envision conceivable strokes when moving to another position. In this way, you can replicate the game situations quickly. For instance, you have to set yourself up for back or front swings as you approach the ball.

Endeavor to practice and ace your footwork combinations. For instance, apply Cross Leg play if you want to cover long distances and shuffle venture to cover short distances entirely. Concentrate each time you practice your footwork and let your feet be flexible. Lastly, keep a consistent exercise plan if you need to enhance your skills.

3. Physical fitness

It’s evident that table tennis is a challenging game. You are always required to continue moving, and if you can’t, it usually implies defeat. Your strategy and consistency are more important than your fitness during the initial stages of play. As you progress, physical fitness ends up being one of the things that need to be looked at on the list of success. At this dimension, your potential opponent is increasingly steady and has a better strategy that enables him to place the ball in difficult to-achieve places, so you have to move more.

Below are the exercises you should do to improve your physical fitness?

Running/jogging. This trains the muscles of your legs and builds your lung capacity. Your stamina ought to enhance, which will keep you longer in these long neck to neck games. Cycling, stationary cycling, dancing, swimming, and so on are exercises that will assist you with increasing your strength.

Table tennis robots can aid you to make two shots with a single ping-pong ball. You can design your robot to flame balls on the left and after that on the extreme right, which requires a long separation forcing you to cover longer distances. This way you can enhance your footwork skills, intensify your stamina and your attack.

Weight exercising is as well a good exercise. The stronger your shot, the harder it is for your rival to respond. When playing table tennis, every muscle plays a role. However, your waist muscles, which enable you to turn your upper body, are particularly crucial. This is the place the majority of the stroke strength originates from and you ought to reinforce your muscles by practicing in the gym.

4. Table Tennis Videos

If you watch instructional videos about table tennis and table tennis championships videos, you can enhance your strategies. You’ll get free ping-pong training videos on YouTube. You can as well purchase instructional videos on table tennis in online shops. When you watch experts play on videos, you become acquainted with new techniques, as well as envision the strokes. This is particularly perfect if you are physically worn out. You can as thoroughly dissect your very own successions.

We can refear this in our guide

5. Table tennis robot

Many best players have prepared and still train with robots. They are a useful device that each hopeful table tennis player should use. In contrast to human opponents, a robot can repeatedly place the ball in a similar location, making it ideal for learning new strategies or perfecting old strategy. The robot will assist you with the nature of your shot.

Relying on the kind and nature of the robot, you can configure it to deliver various strokes. You can deal with your short game, enhance your topspin, boost your reflexes, and so on. The following are some things you should try out during your next exercise.

– To make more assortment, you should change the position of the robot each time. You can alter it from the center to the sides and even convey it closer to the net and the other side to emulate a unique shooting angle.

– Do not overlook your footwork and the right movement of your stroke. It’s simple to ignore if you’ve configured the robot to hit the ball in a similar spot. You should turn your midsection and curve your knees for each forehead strike that you take.

– At first, keep the speed of the ball moderate and increase the speed while perfecting your strokes.

– Use balls of different colors to hone your decision-making procedure under strain and reflexes. For instance, you can choose to curl the white balls, obstruct the orange balls, and hack the blue balls.

6. Keep your fluids up

Similarly, as with most games, it’s essential to remain hydrated all through the exercise. Get ready for training and ensure to bring a couple of bottles of water or different fluids to keep you going throughout your workout. By drinking liquids, you can prevent yourself from lack of hydration and focus on your training.

7. Service Practice

Service Practice

A table tennis court dependably begins with the serve. You can pick up preference or send the ball excessively high or in the net. It is therefore crucial that you train your service until you don’t miss a serve. Then you can work with different sorts of services to make a decent catalog that you can count on. Below are the tips you should follow to take full advantage of your training.

– Always serve just a single ball, as more than one shot in the hand influences the ball toss.

– Strive for low double ricochet serves. To acquire the low part, you can append a string to two dry tongs and connect it to the highest point of the net on every side. This makes a distance of 10 cm between the net and the string. You should lead the ball through this hole and jump on the opposite side twice.

– Configure short focuses that you should go for. This encourages you to evaluate your prosperity.

– Do not hurry. Keep in mind that your aim is to become reliable, not the quickest. Thus, a few effective serves are more crucial than many unsuccessful serves.

– Train long, quick serves with a similar arm movement as when serving short. This keeps your rival on track and prevents him from anticipating your next shot.

– Always get back to the prepared position, one lower arm length from the edge and somewhat to one side of the table.


Although table tennis seems hard to learn, you can play properly with a good workout. All you need is a little practice, take good care of your equipment and do not forget to have fun! In addition, it is advisable to know the international rules for table tennis in order to be competitive if that is your goal. Building a good base is very important for your game in the short and long term. After you have become familiar with these steps, you should therefore put them into practice during your training sessions.

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