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Either at home or business property, a pool table is one of the best additions you can make to your lineup of favourite games. Even so, the industry has all sorts of tablas; it can, therefore, be difficult to decide which is which especially when it comes to issues of cost.

pool table cost

The  pool table cost depends on different factors. Some of these include:

    • The design. Ideally, pool tables come in different makes and models. Whereas are some are just plain and simple, others can be unique with classy and sophisticated features. In such circumstances, the features can sway the pricing of the pool table.
    • Type of materials the table is made of determines the price, to. For instance, there is a big difference in pool tournament tables, and pool tables usually found in bars. You will find that they are made of different material from the ones found in homes. (here is our top 10 list).
    • The size of the table is also a key determinant; as you can imagine, pool tables are available in so many different sizes. There are the small tabletop pool tables, there are those medium in size, and yet there are also those that are as large as 9ft long. Truth is the price goes up when the table is larger in size; materials used for its construction are what justify the price range.
    • Used or new The condition of the pool table also comes into perception. Generally, a new table tends to cost much more as compared to an already used one
    • Transportation costs. This is one expense that can not be avoided at most times. Once you’re through with your purchase, you have to think of how it will reach its designated place. The charges of transportation and shipping take into consideration the weight and price of the table. The distance to the location of delivery is also looked into

If you are inclined towards toy pool tables, the cost of transport is negligible as their portability is much easier; for antique and large tables, this could require the services of a moving company to do your bidding.


The General Price Guide for Pool Tables

Based on the factors already mentioned, here is a general price guide for each type of pool table.

1. Buying a Used Pool Table: On online sites such as craigslist, you can find ideal pool tables for less than $1200 This price depends on a number of considerations; these include the tables setup such as re-leveling and re-clothing and moving the table which could cost you to the tune of $350.You could also spend anywhere between $180-600 for new rubber rails. The cost is relative and it could go either higher or lower depending on your needs.

2. Procuring a New Pool Table: The price range for new tables varies based on many factors, and this can start from $1200 for a paper crafted pool table, while sophisticated high-quality handmade ones can over $10,000, so it all depends on what is in it that you are looking for

3. Toy /Mini Pool Tables: The cost of these types of tables sways at $600-1200.As aptly called; they are mostly used by youngsters. They are also constructed from cheap material that does not last long. Most of the materials that are used are artificial They come with playtime of just between 3-5years.

4. Basic Homebased Pool Tables: These kind of tables cost between $1,200-2000.They are mostly preferred in many homes because of their reliability, but can also serve you for as long as 10 years. All you need is to properly handle and maintain them. Pay greater attention to details such as the type of material and more so in the slate, the frame and the felt when you are making your purchase.

5. Medium-Range Pool Tables: The price range for these tables is between $2,100-3,500They not only come in different designs and styles; they are also of high quality. You are also at liberty to choose those that match your interior decor.Some of the features that come with these types of tables include hardwood railings. Some are built with legs that fully stabilize and support the playing surface of the pool table.It does not really matter if you are an amateur or one who takes your game quite seriously, this table will still serve you incredibly well from the comfort of your home.

6. Custom Made Pool Tables: You can purchase these superior types from $3,500-15,000 The cost of each table depends on the features that are attached. Some of these are made from rare and exotic wood and material. Others are draped in semi-precious gems. But what is familiar to all of them, is that they are of very high quality.They are built to last for as long as it takes and are looked upon as worthy investments. High-grade materials and sophisticated designs are makes the pricing to go much higher.Additional Costs to Consider

Your pool table will somehow cost you during transportation and shipping, it all depends on the distance, size, and quality of the table (here is your quide).

For purposes of maintenance, you may have to invest in such tools as brushes to help you in cleaning of the surface.

You may require a set of quality balls and cues (here is top 10 list) for your game.

Check out for any kind of damage to the surface material. It can be quite costly when it comes to making replacements.

Secondhand pool tables have their own advantages. These include good maintenance and care and they could still have many years of usefulness remaining in them.

Be on the lookout for deals and special offers, you could easily get hold of a rare piece. Explorer on the ping pong table cost when you are going to buy a product or stuff for your home.


The bottom line remains; there is a table for each and every one It all depends on your needs as well as your pocket. If you are looking for a home-based economy pool table, you can’t miss out as the market has all in quantity as well as quality. Likewise, you can also make a worthwhile investment in the more pricey but superior custom pool tablas.

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