Killerspin Jet 800 Table Tennis Racket Review

The Killerspin Jet 800 is a massive table tennis paddle that gives an outstanding performance on every power and spin. Killerspin JET800 N1 Table Tennis Paddle is a former racket designed specifically for the average and advanced players. It is a very common racket as a result. It combines Nitrix-4Z high-quality rubber and a light-class two-layer mate. This article contains the killerspin jet 800 review, It also features, specifications and performance.

killerspin jet 800 review

Details of Killerspin JET 800 Review

This ITTF-certified device has the highest side Tape technology from Killerspin, making the racket extra powerful and giving it a great look. The great sponges and the JET800 code enable you to reach a lot of speed and rotation. It is not surprising that this player uses the main Killerspin racket, as well as Olympic champion Chen ch’i and US national champion Ilija Lupulesku.


The Jet 800 comes with the famous Killerspin rubber, which has the ability to pull out tons of spin, especially on finishing touches and more powerful shots. While the main advantage is to have the ability to access a strong rotation with strong shots and strong, in addition to the polished rubber board has strong defensive points. The Nitrix-4z is amazingly audible once it gets high-resolution footage and may provide a fair amount of management defensively.


The highlight of Killerspin Jet 800 is that the blade quality. The blade is made of five layers of light wood and a pair of carbon materials to complete seven layers. Carbon layers reduce weight again while adding additional hardness to the paddle and increasing its overall strength. Curiously, the carbon code adds not only extra strength to the high-pitch, high-shot shots, but also allows the bat to have a larger “sweet spot” that lets you easily absorb the hats from your opponent. The more precisely formed carbon space unit layers have a higher uniformity of recoil and additional stiffness throughout the rack, providing extra power, less vibration, and usually more durable. Although the jet inside the Jet 800 is compact with five layers of wood, it is less visibly shaky and feels very intense and fast.

Killerspin JET800 is located at the top of the Ping-Pong technology ladder. The 2 layers of carbon-filled material in the seven-layer wooden blade add the extra pop to get the aggressive gameplay of the associate class while maintaining the texture and management inherent in the Killerspin JET series. Dual carbon technology allows you to get the extra blade for extra speed on powerful stills and absorbing the tones from your opponent for the right returns.


The biggest problem with the Jet 800 is that the amount of adaptability to the racket with a harder, more durable racket gives such great strength. Learning to organize this racket will take your time, especially if it is not the usual carbon. However, as soon as you begin to urge it, it feels great. However, even after you get to use this paddle, you will lose a touch of management in exchange for increased energy and recycling. It forces you to play an extra touch more sharply than you usually do to form it

Balance and a general feeling

The overall balance of the Jet 800 is nice and intertwined specifically for repetition and strong shots spin higher. The paddle feels terribly lightweight but not uncomfortably, so. In no time, no doubt it will look strange in your hand, but it looks rather warm. Sitting well in the palm of your hand, so the balance between the engineering handle and thus the weight of the blade is wonderful, do not feel that the load is unevenly distributed when finished or in any direction.


Killerspin JET800 Table Tennis Paddle is created from seven layers of wood that have been mixed with a pair of carbon layers. This saves her tons of speed while keeping it in addition to lighter. The Nitrix-4z may be gummy at any given time, which will impress more skeptical players. Its great surface can help you repeat balls easily, and combine them with a blade that contains carbon, and will let you hit the ball away from the table. The key to making this strategy work is spin and deception, with your opponent not knowing the type of ball rotation. This usually leads to losing your opponent completely or hitting him in the net or on the table.

When serving

Apply excessive and/or horizontal rotation on the ball with swallowed gums when brushing with forwarding movement (and towards the sides). With this rubber, this is much easier, but it still requires a little practice. This may give you some points, but some will return. When you return, you will have a hostile rotation, either your turn or a transfer of what I lend to your opponent. Hit the next blow with rubber from the long blister, do not push hard or try to attack it, but try to keep it as low as possible, but make sure it is on the table.

When you receive

If your opponent uses a lot of gyroscopes at his service, try to return everything using a long blister rubber. This will come back over your back and you will face the same problems. If it works with a little twisting, try returning it with the spine rubbers if you can. If it does, some spin will be returned, so you press the next rubber with long sleeves and try to force another error. Please read our article about ping pong robot reviews and buying guide you will a great way for your practice.

Why we chose of Killerspin JET800 table tennis paddle

Be sure to be amazing by the facility that you simply will come out of this paddle. The ball can fly at an abnormal speed, allowing you to strike the ball from a greater distance without bothering. It is faster than professional carbon, but not by a vital margin.

Gyro is a great addition. They do not decide it Killerspin for any price. The ball can continue with its hard surface, creating your own loops and front fenders for your opponents. While rubber is really tacky, it is not alert to an incoming gyro, which provides you with greater margin for error.

Carbon layers create a powerful extra for aggressive play
Paddle performance ratings are nice
Come through a well-packed way

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The Killerspin JET800 Table Tennis Paddle is an excellent pre-assembled paddle that outperforms the offensive aggressive game of the player while it is not protective of its ability to come to the opponent’s shots. While it will reduce your ability to put the ball exactly where you want it, this paddle will compensate for this by providing you with a great increase in your ability to put the spins on the ball. If you are trying to find an elegant way to play and dominate your competitors, then this JET800 NI is the right alternative for you. Click here to find out and be done with Pickleball Bags now.

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