Kettler Topstar XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong, has long been a popular game throughout the world . Playing ping pong have amazing health benefit and you to keep fit, but it also enables you to spend some quality time with your loved ones, which makes it an excellent pastime. When it comes to the equipment needed to play ping pong, there is a wide variety of tables that are currently available in the market. The Kettler Topstar XL Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table may be just what you are looking for if you need a table that can be safely used both indoors and outdoors. These tables are weatherproof and durable in construction, designed to handle the harsh outdoor weather elements and sun’s UV radiation.

This comes as no surprise as the table is designed and made in Germany and boasts of a high level of precision and craftsmanship. The table has a full-sized top made of waterproof sealed aluminum composite while it’s strength and durability is attributed to its UV scratch and fade resistant water-based paint.

kettler topstar xl outdoor table tennis table

Key features Of Kettler Topstar XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table

There are quite a number of table tennis tables in the market that are up for sale but it is important that you make the right choice depending on your preference and objectives as they stand to meet different needs for players. Thanks to its features, its customers are rather pleased with it and have no problem highlighting its advantages. For all table tennis players, you now have a table tennis table to appreciate thanks to its quality and high quality performance to deliver an optimal table tennis game. The key features of Kettler topstar XL outdoor table tennis table include will give you a detailed overview.

ALU-TEC climate control bottom

Its 7/8” patented and weatherproof ALU-TEC climate-control underside is designed with climate control technology, and is the highlight of the table. These ALU-TEC indentations found underneath of the table are patented by Kettler and are designed to accommodate all humidity and temperature changes by expanding and contracting the table as needed. This aluminum apron protects the table from possible warping because of weather changes.

It’s above the ALU-TEC aluminum bottom that you find a layer of resin treated MDF, an aluminum sheet and various UV and scratch resistant water-based coating layers that together produce a true tournament quality playing surface that can withstand any external pressure and weather changes. Its ultra smooth and anti-reflective, a certified TRUE BOUNCE tournament top offers a consistent bounce, which is an added feature which makes the table perfect for a good outdoor playing experience. The table also has a tournament line along its surface that provides for a much better, smoother and even playing surface.

Money back guarantee

The Kettler Topstar XL Outdoor Table Tennis Table comes with a Dazadi money back guarantee where you are given a full refund in case you are not happy with the table on its arrival. The table comes with a 3 year residential and 1 year commercial warranty where any repair or replacement of parts within the time period is done for free.

Safety feature

The Kettler ping pong table has an added safety feature, which is its DLS Dual lock safety mechanism. This mechanism not only permits the easy folding and unfolding of the table so that there is no worry about it crashing down, it also prevents any possible accidental opening and closing and while in storage or in transport.

Convenience features

While the weatherproof top of the table is the highlight of the table as it offers the convenient to play table tennis both outdoors and indoors, there is another strong feature attributed to it’s convenience. The feature is that unlike other tables, the table doesn’t need two people to fold or unfold the table. Its DSL Dual Lock technology makes folding and unfolding of the table so much easier, and is an added convenience to using the table.

It also has 4 large 5.5” dual wheel swiveling casters by rubber treads which provide for safe, easy and convenient mobility to any position, even by a single person. Moreover, two of these wheels have an integrated locking system for added stability by ensuring the table remains in a fixed place when unfolded and during play. The table also offers a convenient playback mode which you can sue if you want to warm up or in other words, practice your game by playing against a wall all alone. The table comes with an additional convenience feature where each of its legs has a leg leveler. This way you can adjust the table to the required and perfect height wherever you place the table.

Portability and storage

Thanks to the table’s convenient folding design, and the fact that the table weighs only 121 pounds, its transportation and storage is rather easy and convenient. Though the table measures 108 L x 60 W x 30 H inches when open, once folded, the table takes up minimum space of only 26.25 L x 64.75 W x 72 H inches.

This is thanks to its space saver technology that boasts of a tight profile and low center of gravity which ensure its compact storage. However as there is the chance of debris denting the surface, it’s better to store and play your game some place where there is no risk of any branches or anything else falling on it.

Assembly process

Many buyers maintain that you need some time to assemble the table, which is a common problem or disadvantage related to all other Kettler tables. This is mainly because while the table does provide instructions on the box (this means you can’t throw the box!), it’s not actually the greatest instructions available. There is a solution to this problem, which is to check online for step-by-step video instructions for assembling other similar Kettler ping pong tables. This is because the video instructions are much easier to understand, which in turn ensures you put up the table correctly. Besides, the table is shipped with various parts which have to be put together, which some people may find difficult. Once assembled, you can enjoy yourself playing your favorite table tennis game wherever you want. The only maintenance you may have to do is tightening of screws at the start of each summer as the screws may gradually loosen with use.

Free outdoor accessory bundle

The table tennis comes with a free accessory package of 2 5.0 Kettler Halo Outdoor Table tennis rackets, a set of 6 3-star table tennis balls and Kettler Table Tennis Cover. So there’s no need of buying additional rackets and balls to start playing! Free shipping is another noteworthy bonus of this table, which reduces its costs.

Final verdict

Looking at all its’ feature, the Kettler Top Star XL Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table proves to be an especially high quality table that you can play both indoor and outdoor. The table made using high-quality materials and precision German engineering and technology, and available at a reasonable price. Despite its tough assembly process, once assembled this solid table offers an exceptional playing experience and unmatchable playing durability. The fact that the table is shipped to you with a free accessory bundle of paddles, balls and an outdoor cover is an added and worthy bonus proves why Kettler is a market leader in this niche!

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