Joola Rally TL 300 | Professional Grade Table Tennis Table

Table tennis is one of the most popular indoor and outdoor games that everyone can play have amazing health benefit. Players include professional ping pong players that participate in international matches to amateurs who simply need a competitive sport that’s fun and invigorating. To get the most out of any table tennis game, you’ll need to invest in the right type of equipment.  Although there are many different brands and models to choose from the JOOLA rally TL 300 Table Tennis Table is one of the best in terms of quality and workmanship. Manufactured by Joola a name to reckon with in the table tennis manufacturing world and proud sponsor of USA Table Tennis (USATT) and official table brand of US Open and US Nationals Championships. This table comes with quite a number of impressive features to ensure that it delivers quality and boosts performance. Rally TL 300 is therefore important that you consider these key aspects when looking for one of the best table tennis tables. This Joola ping pong table also allows for performance and while it is also top ranking but it also comes at an affordable rate. It is amongst the best considered cheap ping pong tables in the market that does not compromise on quality. This JOOLA rally tl 300 table tennis table review will give you a detailed overview.


Joola rally tl 300 table tennis table

Key Features of JOOLA rally tl 300 Table Tennis Table

The features of the Rally TL 300 are distinctive and better yet unique to ensure that they meet and deliver gaming experience in the given sport. This product from Joola is looking to beat its competitors in the market and provide ping pong players with a venture they can trust. The combination of the following features are the reason this table tennis table is a great inclusion in your home for outdoor recreational sport. The key features include:

Player friendly design

The JOOLA rally TL 300 measures 9 by 5 feet and weighs approximately 155 pounds. However, in order to save on space when the table is not in use, it comes in two detachable halves. Each half is supported by four canister wheeled trolley systems and can be kept separately of attached to the other half. Being able to use the table halves together or alone allows you to play single playback mode or with a partner. It also makes storage easy since all you need to do is fold the table. At 155 pounds, the rally TL 300 is quite a heavy table tennis table. An accidental slip or fall can easily cause injury or even damage the table. To minimize risk of this happening, this table incorporates a number of useful features. One feature is the separate halves each supported by its trolley system. This makes it easier to maneuver the table as one or two units. The built in safety latch is another feature which promotes this tables safety. The latch secures the table top in upright position preventing it from opening unexpectedly when not in use. Finally, the table’s legs are height adjustable. This feature makes it easy to level out the table’s surface. Not only does this positively contribute to the enjoyment of a ping pong game, it also ensures that the table surface doesn’t accidentally slip off the supporting platform.

This feature comes in handy for a number of reasons. First, it makes it easy to store away when not in use, as it will require minimal space. In this, you can stand it in a corner and it will not interrupt your other activities. Secondly, you have the ability to exercise with playback capabilities where you can play solo and make the best of your skills in the event that you cannot find a second player. Thirdly, this feature allows for easy maneuverability and portability.

Even though it comes as two pieces that are joined, once it is assembled, you will enjoy the sturdy feature. The net will be placed and once the assembly is complete, everything falls in place to give you one complete table that cannot be easily separated. Another feature is the lockable rubber canister wheels. These will easily roll along even the most delicate floors without leaving marks or scratches. The wheels also lock in place preventing the table from tilting or moving while in use.

Ping Pong ball holders

This table tennis table is designed to come with corner Ping Pong ball holders each can hold 3 40mm table tennis balls to ease the process of playing. It has the capacity of holding up to three balls. However, take note that it does not come with the balls for use. The holders are situated at the corners of the table to boost efficiency. At each corner of this table are ball holders.

Net, post set and magnetic scoring device included

Many office and home ping pong tables will only include the table surface and the supporting platform. JOOLA goes a step beyond this by including a net full with its posts and clamps. The single clamp design makes it easy to attach the net within minutes. The design also includes magnetic abacus scorers to keep track of your games progress easily. The detachable magnetic scoring device makes it easy for game scoring and because it is detachable, it does not interrupt game time. This is an added advantage for players competing in the sport.


The table comes with 95% already assembled leaving you with only 5% of the assembling to do. Ping pong table owners often complain about how long it takes to assemble or unassembled their units. The remaining part is really easy to and with less then 15minutes you are ready to go it only requires you to fix the legs with only 8 bolts and the clamp style net that takes no time.

  • Comes in two separate and foldable halves easing storage and transportation
  • 5/8 inch table surface thickness is strong and provides consistent ball bounce
  • Net and pole set provided
  • Easy to assemble the whole table with no special tools needed
  • It’s quite heavy compared to competing units
  • Additional accessories like paddles and balls are bought separately
  • It’s quite heavy compared to competing units


Final Verdict

JOOLA is one of my favorite ping pong table and accessories brands. The JOOLA rally TL 300 table tennis table is a unique professional grade table designed for home or office use. This table includes a number of unique features such as the corner ball holders and magnetic abacus scorer. It’s easy to assemble, fold and cart along floors. This table also includes several features that add to its safety. Overall, it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a quality table tennis table at a good price range. The table is perhaps the most important piece of equipment you can invest in. You may also choose that want you to do.

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