Joola Nova DX Indoor/Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

As we all know, table tennis or ping pong is usually a game that is played indoor, so if you prefer to play it outdoor, you will need a table mainly designed for outdoor use. The best outdoor ping pong tables have galvanized steel undercarriage, net, and posts along with a weatherproof table top surface. Using a table which is designed for indoor use would only build the table top at risk to warping as direct sunlight, damp conditions, as well as rain, could simply damage your table. Durability and stability of this equipment should consistently consider and the availability of weatherproof net and posts it is Joola nova dx outdoor table tennis table.

joola outdoor table tennis table

Those people who consider table tennis or ping pong as a sport end up becoming adoring fans of it. The pure fun aspect of the game, combined with the fact that it offers a great full body workout, has made it very popular among all generations and types of people. If you are one of those, who’s been bitten by the table tennis addiction than we advise investing in your passion and setting up a little spot intended for the favorite sport in your house. Whether you want to play competitive and recreational games, you can use a ping pong table game. As a matter of fact, these tables can provide tons of fun intended for your entire family. The tremendous thing about them is that they set the test of time.

So now I can recommend you and excellent and remarkable table tennis table for your both indoor and unlimited outdoor fun and exciting gaming experience. That is JOOLA Nova DX outdoor ping pong or table tennis table. It is an affordable price and much efficient outdoor table tennis table. It designs with 6-mm aluminum-plastic composite table surface for the quite adequate bounce. Joola nova tour dx outdoor table tennis table design with eight wheels for easy transportation and advanced locking system. The whole table is durable with a 2-inch heavy-duty gauge welded steel undercarriage to maintain it stable throughout the play and stop warping. If you interested to know more about this table, then please follow the complete review.

JOOLA Nova DX Outdoor Table Tennis Table Overview

The JOOLA Nova DX is designed especially since an outdoor table, and it’s clear that JOOLA put some core effort into making it resistant to weather conditions as well as regular open weather too. If you love to play with your table tennis table or ping pong table game in open weather, then you have to select such kind of table which can fight against the rust weather. JOOLA Nova DX is such kind of outdoor table tennis table which can give you all facility to play in the outdoor environment. JOOLA can offer four durable four legs for taking the overall load. But I want to tell you that its weight is 166 pounds. But it can carry more weight easily. For easy transportation, they design four additional legs which are incorporated with eight wheels.

Now we come to the main part of a table tennis table. And that is table surface. Yes, this is the part that you can use much. Without a quality table surface, you can’t feel well during playing on this table. JOOLA Nova DX can design with 6-mm aluminum-plastic composite table surface. Some customer says this thickness can’t provide proper bounce what you need for a professional standard table. But in the beginning stage, this is quite enough.

However, it is fully constructed of a plastic and aluminum composite material that is completely weatherproof, and it can give a pretty consistent bounce. The whole table is reinforced by a 2-inch heavy-duty gauge welded steel undercarriage to maintain it consistently throughout play moreover prevent warping. JOOLA Nova DX also equipped with sturdy 2-inch welded steel legs that help to keep it level and give you a durable and consistent playing surface. The legs also feature with large and durable wheels that each can lock to give you extra safety and stability.

Now we come to the portability function, and you can easily fold this table in a few second. It takes such a small space for storing. You must know that storage is a big concern when you can buy any new product for your home.

Safety feature

I can advise you to focus the safety issue first when you can buy any product. Because of you must don’t want to buy any product or stuff which can’t give you proper safety. If you have kids, then the safety issue going more vital. For customer complete safety JOOLA can design their NOVA nova tour DX outdoor table tennis table with individual wheel locking system. Kids always love to play or interrupt new think in their home. Just think if you can store your table in folding position and your child’s push or pull it then it may fall or run on him. For preventing this unwanted activation you can lock the each wheel, and you are safe from this kind of risk.



Sometimes assembling going a primary concern when you are going to buy any product which is needed assembling. But you will be surprised to see its easier assembling process. If you can purchase this outdoor table tennis table, you can get it almost pre-assembling position. Just need some additional connection of the part. And that will be finished, and now you are ready for your first ping pong match.

Playback position

If you are just starting to take part in the table tennis game, then playback position is quite helpful for you. Playback position is a position a position when you can practice by yourself. In the current market, most of the table tennis table can offer this playback position. It is pretty easy to make your table in a playback position. Just fold one part of your table and your table is now in playback in playback mode.

Price comparison

Price is always a major issue when you are going to buy any stuff or product. You must desire to invest your valuable money in the best way. JOOLA Nova DX outdoor table tennis table will be a great invest without any doubt. I can insist you can get the entire must needed feature what you desire from an outdoor table tennis table in this low price range.

  • Have Anti-tilting devices for added safety
  • Table Top Made of Aluminum Plastic Composite
  • Portable or folding capacity
  • Affordable price
  • Individual wheel locking system
  • Fully waterproof net and post
  • Easy assembling
  • Playback facility
  • 6-mm table surface
  • Not for tournament practice test


Final Verdict

After a long working day, you must want some change. But how you can get that with some recreational activities? I can advise you why not you can try to play this most exciting and full fun game. Yes, I can tell about table tennis or ping pong game. And the positive side is you can easily create an environment of table tennis game whatever that in indoor or outdoor. In this content, I can recommend you this JOOLA Nova Tour DX outdoor table tennis table. It specially designs for the beginner player. Have a good look on our blog

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