How to Clean a Ping Pong Table | The Definitive Guide

Having a ping pong table is awesome until you need it cleaned! Now, don’t worry, keep calm, we’ve got you covered. I know you enjoy playing ping pong. But do you ever think of its cleanliness? Or do you just play and wait for it to clean itself? The table has no arms so it is you to ensure it has been cleaned thoroughly. In this article I contains how to clean a ping pong table, so sit back and enjoy the article.

how to clean a ping pong table

Cleaning a ping pong table is not only good for the table itself but also to you the player. Look, when you clean it; chances that it will last long are very high. Again, if you clean it, you remove the germs and therefore chances of you getting sick are minimal.

There are so many ways of cleaning the ping pong table. And it is advisable to clean it carefully as it is very delicate and therefore we do not want to subject it to harsh chemicals. You can use commercial cleansers to clean your ping pong table. So be careful with whichever cleanser you decide to use.

Use of Vinegar to Clean Ping Pong table

When cleaning the table tennis, it is best to use a very efficient but not harsh cleanser. You can use vinegar to clean your table. It is possible! You are probably asking yourself which type of vinegar? Vinegar is vinegar. I mean the kitchen vinegar. You can buy it at the store and use it to clean your table.

However, there are things you will need; do not just buy the vinegar and sit down wondering how to go about it. The things you will need include:

  • Vinegar
  • Clean water
  • A clean bucket
  • A clean screwdriver
  • Clean wash rags

The first step would be to carefully remove the net from the table and hey this is where you will need the screwdriver. The take your bucket and in it pour a reasonable amount of water which you will now mix with the vinegar. You will then use the washing rags to do the actual cleaning. This is where you need to be very careful not to miss a spot when cleaning the table.

Start at the top of the table and clean in a circular motion. Then follow it up with clean water to thoroughly rinse your table. And, voila, your table looks as clean as new.

Use of Butterfly Table Tennis Table Cleaner

Out of all the commercial table tennis cleansers out there, we’ll dwell a bit on the butterfly table tennis table cleanser. It is a liquid free of VOC and has been developed through the latest biological techniques.

It is made in Germany and comes in a spray bottle. Just as its name suggests, it is effective. In as much as they called it butterfly table tennis cleanser be sure it has no wings! It is just a normal commercial cleanser but with the best ingredients to ensure that your ping pong table is shinning as if you bought it a new. This cleanser is easy to use and durable too.

Well, the butterfly cleanser works effectively to:

  • Dissolve dust
  • Dissolves perspiration from the surface
  • Dissolves dirt as well from the playing surface
  • Restoring the table’s surface

So once you purchase the cleanser it is pretty easy to use. However, there are things you will need and in this context, no water is needed nor a bucket. Please don’t use water here or you’ll probably end up saying that I lied. Now look, get the spray and very clean wash rags or towels; you know what you use.

Spray as you wipe in a circular motion to enable you to reach the dirt, dust and the perspiration easily.clean ping pong table But did you remember to remove the net? I thought you did! Whenever you want to clean your table tennis table, the first step ALWAYS is to remove the net.

You see this is a very delicate process that needs a lot of care. And if you love your ping pong table like you love yourself then this is the time to exercise that love.

Importance of Cleaning your Table Tennis Table

Taking care of your ping pong equipment will affect how much you enjoy the game. It will also affect how long your investment lasts. A ping pong table can last so many years but, only if it is properly maintained! Yes, do not just sit and wait for it to take proper care of itself.

Having owned a table tennis, I know perfectly well that if you do not give your table tennis the proper upkeep that it requires then, it is as good as done. So what is proper upkeep? Well, it is the amount of care and attention that you give your ping pong table. We’ve already talked about how to clean a ping pong table; so that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are a very serious table tennis player then the maintenance of your table will highly affect how you play as a player. So get to work! Clean that table like your life depends on it. Who wants to lose anyway? Win your way through every game by ensuring your table is well cleaned at all times. I hope this one table tennis conversion top reviews and buying guide of your interest!

Final Note

It is very important to clean the table as this will preserve it well. It doesn’t really matter whether your table is an indoor or an outdoor table, always remember to protect it from foreign elements.

When dust builds up or whenever there is a change in the level of humidity, the table is at a high risk. Please get a table cover for your table whether indoors or outdoors. There is so many good table covers out there you just need to identify the one that goes with your class and taste.

Most of these table covers are sold at a reasonable price and will keep your table in a good shape and preserve them for many years. Well, now you have so many ideas on how to take great care of your ping pong table and how to clean a ping pong table. Go for it! Enjoy my blog ping pong passion.

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