Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Table Review

Table tennis or ping pong has been known to be a very popular game over the past. Most of the table tennis players that take up the sport up consistently end up being an addict to the match. The table tennis game also has the benefits of exercising the full body. It is a fact has made the game a preference of all types of people. If you are a big fan of table tennis or ping pong game then have an own ping pong or table tennis table and paddle is an excellent idea. But what is the appropriate option for you indoor or outdoor? Previously I can show you some indoor table tennis table or ping pong table model. But in this content, I can show you an outdoor table tennis table. Outdoor ping pong table is ideal for both indoor and outdoor. So you can buy an outdoor table, and you can use it both indoor and outdoor. then cornilleau outdoor table tennis table is best the best choice.

Cornilleau 500M Crossover Table Tennis Table

In the modern time outdoor are made for tolerating any bad weather and it can stand its style without damaging any part of it. Sometimes many people are going confuse to select the best outdoor table tennis table. What is the best one and which is suitable for us? Yes, I know it is a big concern. But in this content, I can take out your all concern. I can show you a great outdoor table tennis table or ping pong table model. And it is Cornilleau 500M Outdoor Table Tennis Table. It is only one choice when you want to buy a product which can meet all requirements. Cornilleau outdoor table tennis table is quite light weight but much durable for use. It is also wheelchair friendly, and it can give you perfect bounce which you desire for a professional gaming experience.

If you are now interested to know more detail about this outdoor table tennis table, then please follow the full content. I hope this can helps you to understand each detail about this outdoor table tennis table.

Cornilleau 500M crossover outdoor table tennis table overview

The Cornilleau crossover 500M outdoor table tennis table achieves FFTT approve for leisure use, and it is designed for the more professional and experienced player. It is a fully waterproof surface, and it can protect its surface from any bad weather. In the point of outdoor table tennis table, it is must essential feature for outdoor ping pong or table tennis table. Without it, your table can’t tolerate inclement weather like rain or snow fall.

A table tennis can hold its overall weight on its leg. Maximum table tennis table designs with four legs. You must notice this outdoor ping pong table also design with four leg levelers. The four legs easily support entire table top and sometimes more than that. It is also designed with the wheel for easy transportation. The wheel is an essential part of an outdoor ping pong table. Because of you can’t put your table outside all time. Sometimes you can store it or move it another place. For that reason, you need wheel facility for move it easily.

Cornilleau outdoor table tennis table (500M) comes with 7-mm resin laminate table top, and it is guaranteed to get the best bounce for feel professional gaming experience. Weatherproof resin laminate is a material which can provide the best performance for table tennis table surface. You must know table surface is the main and most important part of a table tennis table.

In the function of portability or folding capacity, you will be surprised to see that how easy to fold it in a few second. It also takes low space to store it. If your concern about assembling matter then leave your tension. It’s another advantage is an almost pre-assembled position. But if you want to expert assembling then you have to pay some more bucks.

For ensuring complete safety, it designs with wheel brakes system. Just push the wheel break, and your table can’t move and release the break then your table can be moved smoothly. All corners are protected by giving you more safety.

Safety Features of Cornilleau outdoor table tennis table

DSI locking system is the best in the industry, and this is another reason why this table is much more expensive than the other competitive table. The table can fully lock during playing or storing position. That facility can protect any unwanted activation which you didn’t want. If you have kids, then this safety feature is most needed for you. For extra protection, Cornilleau crossover 500M comes with corner protection system. That facility protects you while playing the match on both sides. You must know kids are always in a hurry and they can anytime anywhere. So this corner protection may save you from any unwanted accidental issue.



In the function of assembling, this is not much easier process compare then another brand. It may take some extra time for assembling the entire table from box position. If you have another pair of helping hand, then it takes less time. Cornilleau crossover 500M is a heavy duty and outdoor table. It is a matter why it takes much time for assembling. But overall you will be happy to get it for all of the facility which Cornilleau can provide.

Portability and storage facility

In the recent time portability or folding capacity is a standard feature for any table tennis table. In this Cornilleau crossover 500M, you can also get an outstanding folding or portability function. Which can help you to store it in a minimum space? I know storage space is a significant matter in modern town life because of everyone can’t afford large size house. So they try to buy such type of product which can take minimum space for storage.

Comparison the pricing

Price is always a major issue when you are going to buy a product or stuff for your home. Sometimes it can be difficult to adjust to the budget. I know everyone can’t afford the expensive product. But you also know that top quality product must be a pretty much higher range. If you desire to buy a high-quality table tennis table, then you have to pay more than an ordinary quality table tennis table. My recommended Cornilleau crossover 500M table tennis table is more than fifteen hundred dollar. But you will be confirming that you can get all of those features what you desire from a table tennis table. You can use it both indoor and outdoor.

  • 7-mm Weatherproof MAT Top Resin Laminate table surface
  • 60-mm corrosion/scratch resistant steel frame
  • Playback facility
  • Large size wheel for easy transportation&lt
  • Transport handle
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Adjustable legs
  • FFTT approved for competition use
  • Corner protectors
  • DSI Locking System
  • Price is quite high
  • Only 7-mm table surface

Final verdict

Cornilleau 500M Crossover outdoor table tennis table is my recommended outdoor table tennis tables. With a sporty look, solid materials along with all exclusive features such as the now featuring Crossover wheels which are pretty oversize double wheels designed for better maneuverability moreover durability no compromises have been made in the design otherwise manufacture of this particular outdoor table tennis table. You can get perfect bounce during the match and it similar to any professional standard table.

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