How to clean ping pong paddle : The Definitive Guide

I know you love ping pong, I totally get it. But don’t you think you need to keep your ping pong paddle clean? You are probably asking yourself if a ping pong paddle really needs to be cleaned. Well, here it is; just the way your sports attires get dirty is the same way the ping pong paddle does. You take a walk or run or perhaps jog daily, don’t you get sweaty? And so you always take a shower later, right? Same applies to the paddle. It needs to be kept clean. As a ping pong player, you need to learn how to clean a ping pong paddle. It is not rocket science! It is simply choosing which cleaning method works for you. The following are some of the methods you can use to clean your ping pong paddle.

Common five method to clean ping pong paddle

clean ping pong paddle

1. Using water and a soft towel or a kitchen sponge

Simply dip the sponge in the water to make it dump the squeeze out the water out of the sponge. You don’t need the sponge to be so wet. Just a little damp so that it can pick up the dirt particles from the ping pong paddle. You’ll be able to try a commercial sponge that has a plastic carrier which keeps the actual sponge wet all of the time, or perhaps a common kitchen sponge will work.

2. Use of detergents

You need to be very careful with the detergent that you choose to use in cleaning your ping pong paddle as some detergents can be very harsh. Remember that the paddle is not stained. You only need to get out the dirt not to turn it into a brand new second hand. Put a few drops of the detergent in water and dampen the sponge then use it to wipe your ping pong paddle.

3. You can also use your own breath and then wipe with your hands

This sounds crazy but well did you know that our breath contains pure water vapor? Okay, now you know. So breath on your ping pong paddles and then wipe with your own hands. Sounds easy, right? Go on do it! But experts suggest doing this only when no other cleaning solution is obtainable and if you don’t mind changing rubbers frequently.

4. Cleaning using a toothbrush

So you have this toothbrush lying somewhere in your bathroom and you are wondering why you are not even using it?. Put it to use now. You can clean your paddle using a toothbrush. All you need to do is to dampen your toothbrush in cleaning foam and then thoroughly clean your paddle. This method helps in maintaining both the rubber tips and pimples so that a player gets a good grip when using the paddle.

5. Commercial cleaners 

 Apply it on the rubber and wipe it off utilizing sponge. Most of these cleaning solutions could come in a spray or a foam type. They are said to improve the actual rubber’s natural coarse state.

Butterfly 8181 Table Tennis Racket Care Kit

Butterfly 8181 Table Tennis Racket Care Kit is one of the best cleaning products for tennis lovers. The product is contained in a bottle of 150ml that is 5.0721 US fluid ounces. Butterfly 8181 can be used every time after you’ve play because it keeps your rubber clean and alive and maintains the longevity of the rubber on your paddles.

This product helps remove dust and other debris from the surface and maintains a good ‘pull’ on the racket. The rubber looks shiny new clean after cleaning and leaves the grip better, translating to better shorts. It includes Rubber Care Sponge, Butterfly Form Cleaner as well as cleaning tips.

It makes cleaning easy hence it forms up immediately, cleaning with the yellow side and squeezing off the paddle with the blue sponge. The form and sponge will make you comfortable during the whole process. This is considered a quality care kit.

How to use Butterfly 8181

  • Use a Slurpex sponge in a yellow container. Water is essential in any combination and you must have enough of it. It should be kept in a clean container.
  • Apply Butterfly to the rubber before cleaning it with a sponge.
  • Apply Spinmax, it leaves residue on the rubber which improves the grip of the rubber. Spinmax has proven to be one of the best cleaning form on the market. Breathe on it, and then wipe the rubber with their hand. Breath contains pure water vapor which can be easily wiped by our hands to remove any kind of dust that might be on that racket. This technique is the best for rubber because it smears oil to the rubber.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean pimples in order to get the maximum grip when the pimples bend. a dump tooth brush will allow pimples to be thoroughly cleaned

Final Verdict

There are other players who don’t feel the need to clean their ping pong paddles; especially those that use the paddles with long pimples. This practically very expensive because, once the rubber has dirt on it, it tends to lose its effectiveness. This means that the player has to keep buying ping pong paddles every now and then. Instead of incurring this expensive costs, why don’t you clean the paddle? So when someone asks you if you know how to clean ping pong paddle, do not start shaking and sweating. The above techniques are actually the best there has ever been.

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