All Time Best Table Tennis Player in the World

Table tennis is a game that has been played since 1880. It used to be played by individuals in the upper classes. It was established in 1926 by the International Table Tennis Federation, which currently has 210-member associations. It is one of the famous indoor games on the globe. Also, called Ping Pong, two or four players usually play it. It’s a game that requires players to have skill, strength, and concentrated, as they mostly need to stand, and it’s as well important for the players to be very light on their feet. Want to know who’s the best tennis player on the #1 World Ranking, so stay on touch?

best table tennis players

Best Table Tennis players of all time

It has turned into a favorite game in a lot of states. It has been played throughout the ages and has also won a tournament in the Olympics, though the majority of the fans are from Asia continent. Table tennis, earlier known as Ping-Pong, is an internationally recognized game. The only noticeable distinction between table tennis and the game of ping pong is that the ball on the ping pong should initially bound on the server side before moving to the opponent side. But they have the same rules. Below are the all-time top 10 table tennis players from around the globe.

1. Ma long

Mama Long, 29, is positioned at the world’s best men’s table tennis table by the International Table Tennis Federation body, which he has performed for 5 progressive world competitions with 35 consecutive winning sets. As a representative of China, long is right now Olympic champ and world winner and has continuously held this position for a total of 63 months, including 33 successive months from March 2015. This implies that he has possessed the highest number of months of any male player.

2. Liu Guoliang

Currently, Guoliang is the mentor of the China table tennis team. He is ranked 2nd in history for winning a Grand Slam in his playing career when he became the best on the world and won a gold medal in the Olympic. He has succeeded at least one title in each significant competition. He was raised and brought up in China a small town known as Henan. Guoling has won two gold awards, one silver, and one bronze medal at all Olympic games. He turned into a coach at 27 years old. While playing, Guoliang utilized the penholder’s hold which is perceived to offensive. However, he was generally widely recognized for his greatness on the strike topspin converse. For the forehand, he employed the Stiga Clipper edge, and for the backhand strikes, he used the stigae mendo energy.

3. Fan Zhendong

Fan Zhendong, at present 20 years from China, is as of now the second-best male player on the planet, as per the International Table Tennis Federation. Having an aggregate of 24 gold medals in his profession, he has in a similar period since his debut at 16 years old years, achieved nine silver medals in professional. Zhendong is dauntless and offers great techniques against exceptionally appraised and experienced players.

4. Timo Boll

Timo Boll positioned fourth on the planet and rose from the fifth spot in the earlier year’s positioning. He comes from Germany. He is placed second in the German table tennis league. He was earlier the nation’s best player and was respected for his exceptional outcomes. At the 2016 Summer Olympics, he played with different top players where they won bronze in the team competition.

5. Dimitrij Ovtcharov

He is 29 years of age and a German citizen. His father is the Soviet table tennis ace (Michail Ovtcharov). Ovtcharov has managed to win a sum of 1- silver medal and 3-bronze awards in 3 different Olympic competitions. Ovtcharov, who has won eleven gold awards during his playing career, he is a first and foremost a player of the team, although he played some single games in a similar game, he has increased a lot of appearances in recent years.

6. Kanak Jha

He created history when he was the most youthful player at the Olympics. He was born in the year 2000, making him the latest teen to participate in Olympic table tennis competitions. He is a kid emigrant to the United States. He was raised in the state of San Jose. He remembers playing the game when he was seven because his elder sister was playing. At teenage, he participated in a competition of all kinds, and he won. There transpired a time when he participated in a competition of 21 match competition and lost just a single game. At such a youthful age Jha has made a name for himself in the world of table tennis and still has a lot of years, opportunities and chances to do a lot.

7. Jan-Ove Waldner

Waldner comes from the country of Sweden and is the best table tennis player until now. He had a lasting and successful career of his season and could coordinate well until his final game. His remarkable performance is his 9th Swedish competition. He acquired the medal against the individual who was born on the date when Waldner got his first Swedish medal. In 1992 he won Olympic gold, 2000 he won silver. In 1996, obtained gold awards at team competitions, singles, and also doubles at the European Championships. After some time, he utilized various types of gear. Recently, however, for the forehead, he has regularly used the Waldner Senso Carbon Blade with the red Coppa JO Gold Red, and for the backhand, he has used the Coppa JO Platinum Black.

8. Zhu Yuling

ZhuYuling, who was recently positioned second, could improve the leaderboard and took first place. The 22-year-old Chinese lady started to play table tennis at five years old and joined the provincial team at age 12. She joined the national team at fifteen years old. With numerous title holder awards in her childhood and as a grown-up she participated in singles, doubles, and teams.

9. Simon Gauzy

He has managed to climb several positions and reach his thirteenth spot in 8 places this year. With his 23 years in France, he is generally fresh in the game, with a little rundown of achievements. However, that does not mean he ought to be discounted by any means. He travels with the national team players and has accomplished rankings in his teen and of late. With the help of Cornilleau, he participated in the singles at the Summer Olympics in the year 2016. However, he was defeated and eliminated without any award.

10. Xu Xin

He is the previous world champion which he won multiple times in 2014 and even twice in 2016 against current winner Ma Long. He followed in the strides of pen-champions like Ma Lin and Wang Hao With the shake hand grip, defeating Long at the Korea Open 2016, the third competition title this year. Previously, he beat Long in the elimination rounds of the Japan Open 2016, however, did not succeed for the Olympic Games in Rio, which Long participated and won.

A synopsis of his records demonstrates that he has won the World Cup multiple times. He won two successive World Tour Grand Finals in the year 2012 and 2013 respectively, took the Asia Cup twice in 2013 and 2016 and is a double finalist in the World Cup.

A world games

The most real table tennis nations are China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Austria, and Sweden. China is the predominant power in the game and has won 60% of world championships titles from 1960. The essential competitions incorporate the Olympic Games, the World, Asian and European Championships and also the Table Tennis World Cup.

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Table tennis is a fun and straightforward game that attracts numerous individuals. Much of its intrigue is because of the generally low demands on players in many regions. Besides, the real playing does not take a lot of space; Therefore, it may as well be played indoors and even effectively incorporated into the playroom of a home. With enough time, numerous individuals will understand that they can end up being skilled table tennis players. It takes passion and skill, however, with the right training and dedication, it is possible exceptionally great at the game. You could be one of the lucky ones who have natural abilities in the game. If you want to get to have the access to the best information related table tennis, you can explore the platform of ping pong passion.

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