Best Ping Pong Table Reviews [Indoor & Outdoor] and PICK #1

Whether you want to play entertaining or competitive games, you can use a ping pong table. As a matter of fact, these tables can provide tons of fun and exercise for you and your entire family. If you desire to purchase a best ping pong table, you can use this buying guide given below. This content will give you some light on different types of tables as well as their amazing features. Having a table tennis or ping pong table can be great fun, but buying one can be extremely expensive. The best thing you can do is seem at how to build a ping pong table moreover try and save yourself exactly hundreds of dollars.

best ping pong table

You must encourage yourself before making any financial commitment to a broad background research. Before buying a table tennis or ping pong table, you need to study some review and then pick up a table which provides more top performance with reasonable price and durable structure. All these considerations, you can get a table which can give you all necessities what you need from a ping pong table. In this article, after going over a few details about ping pong table we will give you 12 best indoor and outdoor ping pong table review with comparison chart.

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Best Ping Pong Table for the Money

Table NameTable TopWeightAssemble TimeTypeInterested?
STIGA Advantage
(Editor's Choice)
16mm190Pounds10minIndoor Check Price
JOOLA inside 1516mm130Pounds10 -20minIndoor Check Price
Butterfly Centerfold 2516mm280lbsNot requiredIndoor Check Price
JOOLA Rally TL 30015mm155Pounds10-20minIndoor Check Price
Butterfly Junior12mm75 poundsNot requiredIndoor Check Price
JOOLA Tour25mm250pounds15-20minIndoor Check Price
Cornilleau 500M
(Editor's Choice)
7mm200poundsrequiredOutdoor Check Price
Kettler Champ 5.022mm200poundsrequiredOutdoor Check Price
Joola Nova DX6mm166pounds15minOutdoor Check Price
STIGA XTR22mm140pounds15minOutdoor Check Price
Kettler Top Star22mm121poundsrequiredOutdoor Check Price
Stiga Vapor6mm166pounds15-20minOutdoor Check Price

Why you need a Ping Pong table?

Table tennis is also known as ping pong, has long been a popular game all over the world. In some point of your regular life, I can suggest you buy a ping pong table. You can not only purchase a ping pong table for yourself, but it is also ideal for your family, friend, neighbor, colleague and other or you can also use it for improving your ping pong skill by practicing by own. Ping pong is an exciting and fun game, and best of all, it is quite easy that almost any person can play it However, since table tennis or ping pong is a light wind to play a lot of people do not perceive the need to get appropriate training for it. That is okay if you just want to have some fun hitting the ball by ping pong paddle once in a while, but if you desire to be professional in the game, then you need to take table tennis training. A ping pong or table tennis is not only a game for fun it is also a game which can give you a great exercise practice. So if you want to desire to do some exercise, then this game is the perfect option for you.

Indoor vs Outdoor ping pong table


indoor vs outdoor ping pong table

Indoor Ping Pong Tableoutdoor ping pong table
Weatherproof and Anti-Glare SurfaceNoYes
Bouncing qualityMore bounce QualityLess uniform bounce
Playing performancebetter playing performanceLess than indoor table
CostLess cost for same performancemore expensive
Durabilityshorterlonger than indoor tables
Ping pong, otherwise known as Table Tennis, is the most popular indoor sport all over the world. It is already included an Olympic sport since 1988, as well as the best players, come mostly from China and Sweden. Its popularity keeps on increasing because the rules of the game are easy to learn, exciting and fun. What is good about with this ping pong game is it can be played by the whole family during weekend or holiday as often as they can. It becomes a different form of competitive along with recreational exercise and a chance for the household to attachment together in leisure time and pleasure. If you are living in a small house or apartment, then indoor ping pong is the best for your demands.

Table tennis or ping pong is usually considered an indoor sport, but who wishes to stay inside when the sun is shining? An outdoor ping pong table should be review by those individuals who prepare to use their ping pong table outside at times otherwise in any other environment different from a cool and dry indoor climate. Moreover, these outdoor ping pong tables are ideal for light, recreational use in the basement, garage or your outside house space like the garden. If you want to buy the best outdoor ping pong table, then you have to consider some important facts.


Make sure it has weatherproof playing surface for outdoor ping pong table. Usually, ping pong table made from wood. But that is perfect for indoors, but when it gets wet and soggy outside you need a table that won’t damage and rot. Latest weatherproof ping pong or table tennis tables are made from aluminum, with a synthetic laminate top, making them more durable as well as lighter.


Get a ping pong table that is easy to move. Portability is imperative, as you will almost certainly need to move your table indoors as for inclement weather arrives, and if it catches too windy, you may need to wheel your table indoors so that you can keep on your game. A best outdoor ping pong table will fold quickly and have wheels to facilitate speedy for safe transportation.

Anti-Glare Surface

You need to be able to pursue the ping pong ball without the reflections from the table slow down your game. All top ping pong table manufacturers try to ensure that their tables are coated with an anti-glare surface finish. That helps to make sure your game can play with more comfortably, and you can get the best from your ping pong table.

Top Six Indoor Ping Pong Table Reviews


#01. STIGA Advantage Competition Ready – Best Indoor Ping Pong Table

Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table
If you are searching for a best indoor ping pong table which has a mid-range price label as well as plenty of fantastic and convenient features, then you should know that the STIGA advantage table tennis table is a perfect option. If you interested to know detail about this STIGA advantage ping pong table then follow the complete review.

Table Design

The STIGA Advantage ping pong table features a unique frame design where each table half has free caster beams consent to the two divide to be fully separated along with used as self-supporting multi-use tables. As well, the STIGA Advantage design consent to the table share equally to layer into one another for minimum storage space. It is a dark blue color ping pong table. You can easily notice each and every activity on the table surface. Its portability feature makes this table more special. You can fold it and store it in a little space in your house or apartment.

Net and Post

Top quality net and post included with this table which is very simple to install along with taking off. Heavy-duty 72 inch net and post set with the cotton mix as well as tension adjustment table net. It designs for easily remove and lock again in a second. So you may feel it is a great feature for use this table more effectively. What that gear is coming together with the table is quite good in quality. The craftsmanship of the ping pong table is more than better which can offer a player with perfect and even bounce while hitting the ball on the table surface.

Assembling and storage

Assembling is always a big concern when you are buying any stuff which needs for assembly. But this ping pong or table tennis table comes with almost 90% assembling position. You just need to open it and connect the two part of the table and set the net. Then you are ready to start your match instantly.

Storage is another major concern when you live in a small apartment. But if you buy this STIGA advantage table tennis table then you will be free of tension because of it take minimum space for the store.

  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality net and post set
  • Take minimum space for store
  • Portable of folding facility
  • Affordable price
  • Playback position
  • Thickness of the playing surface
  • Paying extra charge for expert assembly

#02. JOOLA Inside – Best Table for home and office.

Joola inside table tennis table
It can be difficult to find some mid range when searching to buy a best ping pong table for home and office. It is true no one desire to spend extra, but no one wants a lower quality ping pong table also. That is why it is constantly worth purchasing from a popular and trusted brand with a reputation for top quality. Even at the lower price of the market, JOOLA produces quality table tennis tables. Through some of the best competition ranking tables on the market, it is no doubt that the JOOLA inside table tennis table is so popular ping pong table for home and office. The USATT approved table is a reasonable but high-quality choice for those looking for the best quality at the affordable price.

JOOLA inside 15mm table tennis table overview

The Joola Insite table tennis table is absolutely at the lighter weight. It only weighs in at 137 pounds, and that means it’s easy to move anyplace. It’s got a 5/8 inch combined table top, 1.5-inch solid steel diameter legs for extra support, along with a powder coated undercarriage to avoid rust. It is also featured as the capability to divide into two separate table halves for easy storage or other uses.

Affordable price

Price is always a major concern when you decide to buy any stuff. You must desire the best quality within your budget. But it can’t happen every time because of top quality product sold at a price. But if you decided to buy a ping pong table and your budget is not much then I can recommend you this JOOLA inside 15mm table tennis table. It is a massive selling and affordable along with it is a top quality product indoor table tennis table product in the market.


JOOLA usually offer pretty good assembly times, and this particular table can be completely assembled in less than 30 minutes. All main part is pre-assembly from the manufacturer. You just need to connect all those parts into one part then you are ready to start your first match with your new ping pong table.

  • Corner protectors included
  • High-quality net and posts
  • Steel diameter legs provide extra support and stability
  • Dual safety locking system for extra safety
  • Affordable price
  • Portable or folding capacity
  • Adjustable Feet to Level the Table
  • Only a 5/8 inch top​
  • Paddles and balls not included

#03. Butterfly Centerfold 25 – Professional ping pong table

butterfly centerfold 25 rollaway table tennis table
When you need professional indoor ping pong tables, then Butterfly is a brand that’s hard to beat. The Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table is such type of brand what I see most when visiting all of the popular table tennis clubs around the United States. The best and most popular is the Butterfly Centerfold 25, a being of a table that weights are close to 300 pounds. When you can use this table, you can feel it’s perfect bounce what helps you for a professional game. You will be surprised when you can use the folding option of this table tennis table. For that reason, this table is so popular, but its price is quite high.

Table surface top

The Butterfly Centerfold 25 Sky Rollaway ping pong or table tennis table is built with quality thick wood that is of 1″ width. That is best thickness can provide players with ideal bounce speed as well as spin when playing the game by it. That can make sure players to keep their best performance by playing their technique with the ping pong table. It is the most important for international players since reliability is a key factor intended for them to win the match.

ITTF approved list

In the market, you can find hundreds of model from several brands. But all are not top quality and authorized by any international recognition. But this is the best table tennis table which is approved by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)

  • Easy folding option
  • Easy assembly
  • 5-year warranty
  • Wheel away Space Saver system
  • Two available color option
  • Designed for minimum space storage
  • Wheelchair friendly playing facility
  • Weight is much compared other product​
  • Price is very highd

#04. JOOLA Rally TL – Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

Joola rally tl 300 table tennis table
The JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade table tennis table is a top quality table tennis table mainly designed for non-professional players trying to improve their performance. Now you can show off your skills among family, friends or coworkers on this table. It features a 15mm charcoal painted medium density fiberboard (MDF) surface, and it provides a full polyurethane paint procedure which improves conflict to ball marks as well as scratches. All legs have flexible and adjustable feet to effortlessly level the table throughout match along with fold under the tabletop designed for compact storage. Now enjoy playing with friends, family or training alone by set you ping pong table in the playback position.

Table Design

JOOLA Rally TL 300 Professional Grade table tennis table has a 15 millimeter and charcoal-painted, medium density fiberboard table top surface. Its detailed polyurethane paint process builds the table top opposed to ball marks along with scratches. JOOLA TL two-piece table is increasing on a 30mm x 30mm solid powder-coated, white undercarriage finished with aluminum.

Four corner ball holders

In the table, there have corner ball holders, and that can hold up to three 40mm ping pong balls, all those are simply accessible even while playing. That feature is suitable for players, because it allows quickly, continuous play, players don’t have to look for stray balls around continuously.

Playback Mode

The table consists of two parts, both of which can be just folded if you desire to practice against yourself otherwise perform drills to practice on your consistency.

DSI Integrated Double Security

The JOOLA Rally TL 300 has a middle release handle moreover can be without difficulty opened and closed. It is completely locked throughout match and though stored.

  • Easy folding option
  • Easy assembly
  • 5-year warranty
  • Wheel away Space Saver system
  • Two available color option
  • Designed for minimum space storage
  • Wheelchair friendly playing facility
  • Weight is much compared other product​
  • Price is very highd

#05. Butterfly Junior Table Tennis Table -Space Saver Game Table for Game Room

Butterfly Junior Table Tennis Table
Are you currently searching for a high quality ping pong table for beginners? Then you should definitely consider purchasing the Butterfly Junior A size Table Tennis Table. The table is a bit larger than other miniature tables which makes it very efficient in keeping the ball in pay. This article clearly looks at the Butterfly junior A size table tennis table Reviews to help you understand the product better.

Junior table tennis table

If want to learn how to play table tennis , then you should consider getting the butterfly Junior table tennis table. The table has foldable legs and comes with two wheels located at the center of the two halves. This allows it to have a storage that is compact and greatly improves it maneuverability. this table is the best table tennis table for beginners because of its size. It’s larger than other miniature tables to ensure that the ball is always kept in play. This table tennis table is very beneficial to anyone looking to learn how to play table tennis. As mentioned earlier, its larger size allows the ball is always kept in play when you’re practicing or playing a match it’s a perfect table tennis table for your kids if you’re looking to have fun or spend quality time with your family.

Portable and Easy to move

As mentioned earlier, the butterfly table tennis table is ¾ size and can be used for other functions like card games. Its dimensions are 7’ length by 4’ width by 2’6” high. This miniature ping pong table comes with a warranty of approximately three years. It is worth noting down that the table comes when it’s fully assembled and all you have to do is to attach the clip net set after unfolding the legs.

The storage dimensions are approximately 3.37’ high by 3” wide. It is worth nothing down that the table comes with two wheels on the inside making it portable and easy to move.
The playing top is approximately 12 millimeters thick and has a steel frame protecting it. The magenta pieces at the corners are able to accentuate the green or blue top color.
It is worth noting down that the table has a ¾ size and ideal for your home. If you’re worrying about carrying it, don’t stress yourself. This table tennis table weighs approximately 35 pounds making it very easy to carry.

It is worth noting down that the table has a ¾ size and is ideal for your home. If you’re worrying about carrying it, don’t stress yourself. This table tennis table weighs approximately 35 pounds making it very easy to carry.

  • Easy to assemble
  • It weighs approximately 35 pounds making it easy to move.
  • It is able to fold compactly
  • Stable and has two halves for easy transportation.
  • Strong steel frame for protection
  • one player capability
  • It’s not big enough for two teens on each side.

#06. JOOLA Tour – Tournament ping pong table

JOOLA Tour Table Tennis Table
JOOLA Tour Professional Grade Indoor Table Tennis Table with Net Set is the ideal table for anyone trying to develop their table tennis skills. JOOLA Tour ping pong table is the bridges of the gap between recreational as well as professional play and works enormous in homes, recreational centers Moreover even schools. The 1 inch or 25 mm thick table top playing surface ensures a better and consistent bounce along by a large balance. Its multilayer paint process avoids chipping and warping through creating the perfect surface for a reliable ball bounce and go faster gaming experience. USATT approve table tennis table is ideal for the professional standard game.

Assembly Process

The JOOLA Tour Professional Grade Table Tennis Table with Net Set Indoor ping pong table coming almost pre-assembled in two individual table halves. The specific assembly process only involves connecting the caster legs to the other part of the frame. It just needs sliding them in also tightening a few bolts. The complex part is just stimulating the two individual table halves jointly and essentially moving the table to its preferred location.

Thickness of table top surface

Thickness is always a major concern for choosing a ping pong or table tennis table. Without perfect thickness, you can’t get proper bounce which is needed for your wonderful ping pong game experience. In this table, you can get 25mm thick table top surface. 25mm is the standard level thickness in the top quality ping pong table.

  • 25mm thick table surface
  • 50mm metal undercarriage
  • Almost pre-assembled
  • Don’t take much space for storage
  • Double Anti-tilting feature
  • Super cool lockable wheels
  • Price is little high​
  • Need extra money for expert assembly

Top Six Outdoor Ping Pong Table Reviews


#01. Cornilleau 500M Crossover Blue – Indoor/Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Cornilleau 500M Crossover Table Tennis Table
The newest version of the Cornilleau 500M Crossover indoor and outdoor blue model has a new design and quite bigger wheels. It helps when transporting it over the annoy places. It has an excellent weatherproofing system although a polyester net with height along with tension adjustment capacity which automatically folds away as the ping pong table close moreover re-appears when you unfold it. The Cornilleau 500M Crossover is a high-quality outdoor ping pong table, ideal for tournaments with friends, family as well coworkers too. The Cornilleau 500M outdoor ping pong table is the weatherproof polyester net that helps for both height and tension adjustments facility.

Moving facility

When it comes to the matter of outdoor ping pong table, then you must think about better transporting or moving facility of the table. Cornilleau makes a remarkable development in their latest 500M crossover table tennis model. It has double 8” wheels. When you can use this table and moving one place to another, then you understand and feel its benefits how easy and comfort it that. It specially designs for those annoy places where other outdoor table tennis table can’t move. So I can strongly recommend you to buy this table if you want to buy the ping pong table which can give you flawless outdoor gaming experience.

Table top surface

You can’t enjoy your game and can’t get professional gaming feel without perfect bounce and swing. In this ping pong table, you get 7mm resin laminate table top surface. Which can give you proper bounce as well you can feel professional gaming experience.

Folding and storage capacity

In the recent time, maximum table tennis models are offering the folding option for easy storage. In this model, you also get that facility. You can easily fold this table and store it any place in your house or any thin outdoor place. Few customer give their feedback, it is the best open and folding facility model ever they seen.

High-quality materials

Its price is quite high, but you can get top quality materials. They are designed this model with anti-corrosion materials for ensuring resistance to the bad weather. You can easily use it in any weather. That mean weather can’t hamper your gaming spirit.

  • 8” Double wheels
  • 2 Wheel brakes
  • Adjustable leg height
  • 10-years warranty
  • Corner protectors for extra safety
  • 7mm resin laminate table surface top
  • Easy, smooth and fastest folding capacity
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Price is pretty high
  • Sometimes it difficult to maintain wheel break

#02. Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table – Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

kettler outdoor table tennis table
The Kettler Champ 5.0 outdoor table tennis table is a best outdoor table tennis table designed for the recreational person who desires to improve their table tennis skills along with getting benefit from the game of table tennis. It features with a non-glare waterproof aluminum surface and a top quality ALU-TEC weather control underside. And its designs with 2-inch powder-coated galvanized heavy duty steel legs that prevent rust for added strength and strength, this ping pong table made from Germany and features with the playing surface that is UV also fade resistant and offers professional quality bounce that can hold up an intense and high-impact match. It also includes table tennis paddle along with ball holder on the side. If you want to practice or want to play along, then you can get playback position in that table tennis table. It is no doubt that the Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table is best outdoor ping pong table for ever.

Free accessories

The kettle Halo 5.0 offers some free accessories which can save your money. Without those, you have to buy all those accessories for continuing your match. All customers always appreciate the free offer. And this free offer can save your valuable money. You can get two kettler halo 5.1 outdoor table tennis rackets, 6- pack 3-star ping pong balls and a premium quality outdoor table cover.

Folding capacity

Portable or folding is a common feature for all latest table tennis tables. Without it, you can’t use your ping, pong table efficiently. Sometimes you need to put your table inside the house when you didn’t use the table. If your table isn’t folding facility, then you will face difficulty for a while store it? So I can strongly recommend you to purchase this table tennis table which has a great and smooth folding capacity.

  • Free accessories
  • 2 Durable waterproof design
  • 6-inch dual caster
  • Net and post are included
  • Easy to fold
  • UV and fade resistant
  • Price is pretty high
  • Some customer face problem for open and fold

#03. JOOLA NOVA DX Outdoor Table Tennis Table – Tournament Quality Outdoors Tables

Your ping pong or table tennis games don’t have to be limited in indoors. Now you can play anywhere you like through the JOOLA NOVA DX Outdoor table tennis table. JOOLA has used special materials and technology to make their outdoor ping pong table resistant to all open-air terrain as well as weather conditions. It also includes four solid and heavy duty caster wheels on both foldable table half, and you can simply move the outdoor ping pong table from inside your house to outside in your home backyard. JOOLA is one of the markets leading table tennis brand in more than 50 years. JOOLA NOVA DX well recognized for their top quality materials and highly featured indoor or outdoor table tennis table.
JOOLA Nova Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Quality water and weatherproof table surface

The JOOLA has a 6mm aluminum plastic composite table surface coated via a multi-layer paint procedure that avoids damage along with table warping thus making the ideal table top surface for game quality ball bounce and accelerated in playing. When you can use outdoor table tennis table, then you must focus on that type of table which is completely weather and waterproof. Without it, you can’t use your table properly.

Durable construction

The manufacturer can build this table with 30mm powder coated steel and which can take the pretty heavy workload. It also designs with heavy-duty wheels for transport one place to another. An outdoor table tennis table can always face lots of unwanted activities. So it must have to be more strong than other ping pong or table tennis table. By Checking out our handy guide to the dart board features more great products that you may like.

  • Quality weather proofing
  • Use both indoor and outdoor
  • Sturdy steel legs
  • Lightweight
  • 6mm aluminum plastic composite table surface
  • Easy to transport
  • Playback position
  • Mid-range price
  • Does not include paddles or balls
  • Some customer does not like for its light weight

#04. STIGA XTR Outdoor Table – Perfect for the patio or garage

In the recent table tennis or ping pong table market, you can get hundreds of model from a dozen of brands. But from those, all is not top quality and not proper user a friendly. Many customers claim they can’t find perfect table tennis table for their specific requirement. For that reason, you have to consider some fact and that’s are

STIGA XTR Outdoor Tablelike price, feature, indoor or outdop quality and not proper user a friendly. Many customers claim they can’t find perfect toor and much more. If you feel a little bit complication to find the ideal one for your outdoor ping pong table. Then I can recommend you an excellent option. In this content, you can find both indoor and outdoor table tennis table. If your budget is mid-range, then this STIGA XTR outdoor table tennis or ping pong table is ideal for you. You can get all latest features from it.

Table Construction

The best part of the STIGA XTR outdoor table tennis table is the aluminum or composite table top surface. It’s a good looking playing surface that is just as it is much durable. Its table top is 6mm thick and a pretty standard size designed for outdoor tables in this mid-range price, and it supported by a thick 1.5-inch powder-coated apron tubular steel to give a good consistent bounce.

Playback position

Playback position is such type of situation when you can practice or develop your table tennis skill by using this playback position. You just fold one part of the table and start your practicing by self. It can help you to improve your ping pong game skill.

  • Almost 95% preassembled
  • 72-inch weatherproof system
  • Playback position
  • Ultra-compact storage position
  • 6mm thick table top surface
  • Price is quite high then features
  • Sometimes difficult to adjust leg levelers

#05. Kettler Top Star XL Weatherproof Table Tennis Table – Outdoor Accessory Bundle

kettler topstar xl outdoor table tennis table
The Kettler Top Star XL weatherproof is an outdoor ping pong table construct with top quality materials that provide an excellent quality of play. It features a fully waterproof sealed aluminum composite top surface, and that made with the standard of ITTF 9 feet by 5feet dimensions. The table surface is anti-reflective as well as mainly engineered to have a professional tournament quality bounce and to stand up to moisture and humidity changes. The table top is also enormously durable. It made from a precision engineered sealed aluminum construction by layers of treated resin for extra strength.

Portable and space savings

Portability or folding capacity is one of the important features for table tennis table. Without it, you can’t use your best outdoor table tennis table perfectly. In this Kettler top star XL model table tennis table design with a very comfort to open and close. You can easily open your table and fold your table by yourself. Just unlock the folding lock, and you are ready to, fold your table. It also takes minimum space for storage. And smooth wheel helps you to move your table one place to another.

Bundle of free outdoor accessories

It includes a set or bundle of outdoor accessories which you need when you can use your outdoor ping pong table. Kettler provides two 5.0 halo outdoor and waterproof table tennis paddles, a set of six 3-star ping pong balls and a heavy-duty Kettler table tennis table cover.

  • DLS dual lock for extra safety
  • Use space saver technology
  • Portable function
  • 3-year residential warranty
  • Include free bundle of free accessories
  • Price is little high
  • Need extra money for expert assembly

#06. Stiga Vapor – Mid range outdoor ping pong table

Stiga Vapor ping pong table
The Stiga Vapor Outdoor table tennis table is a portable or foldable ping pong table which has been a pleasure to withstand outside circumstances.Its durable table surface along with frame is built to withstand a lot of utilizing and can be a large table for the entire family to use for years. The playing surface of the Stiga vapor outdoor ping pong or table tennis is an aluminum plastic surface that has been painted. It allows the table surface to resist warping that would happen potentially by wooden tables left in the elements. It does not give the same bounce as a wooden table as well as tends to play faster through shallower bounces.

Steel Legs and Leg Levelers

A ping pong or table tennis table stands on its legs, so that must have to be stronger. In this table legs are made from chassis boasts steel. For that reason, it takes the heavier load, and you can continue your match without any hassle. And leg levelers help you to level the height of the table from ground.

  • DLS dual lock for extra safety
  • Use space saver technology
  • Portable function
  • 3-year residential warranty
  • Include free bundle of free accessories
  • Price is little high
  • Need extra money for expert assembly

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Ping Pong Table

You must consider some factors when buying a ping pong table. Many people purchase their first table before they are known for the sport, so they may not have a good knowledge of what they want and what to search for. Now take a look at your budget, your individual requirements and demands, and what is available in your location when you shop. Fold up, or portable model with rollers along with brakes will be the easiest to set up and break down should you require to select one that will not be up and offered at all times. In my research, if you consider that’s top five criteria then you will be able to buy the best ping pong table whatever indoor or outdoor.

Ping Pong Table Buying Guide


The standard dimension of the table tennis table is 2.74 meter (9 feet) long, 1.525 meters (5 feet) wide and 76 cm or 30 inches (2.5 feet) high. It can be 19mm thick up to the official 25 mm thickness is suitable for the perfect bounce. And net size is 6 feet or (1.83 meters) long with 15.25 cm (6 inches) high.

Surface Thickness

Many table tennis experts believe that the quality and standard thickness of the table tennis table top will help the dynamism of the ball bounce Moreover the creation of variety technical spin shots by the players of the game of ping pong or table tocsins. If you are determining to improve your skills in this table tennis game, it is important that you are conscious of how the structure of table top can affect its game performance.

Table thickness of 25mm provides the best quality of ball bounce and playing spins because of its more important feature. The support under the table top should be even because it has an outcome also on the performance of the bounce quality of a table. Being damage resistant is also a feature of a properly plastic-coated table top. Damage can affect the performance of the ball bounce on the table surface. It can also develop cracks appropriate to moisture if not properly build or plastic-coated. Many manufacturers have made their table tops by plywood, aluminum metal, particle board, concrete or fiberglass. Some table tennis tops have 15mm up to 19 mm thickness which is quite less expensive also ideal for beginners but that do not produce a good ball bounce. Usually, professional standard table tennis table thickness will be 22mm to 25mm and which can provide more quality bounce.

In your choice of a perfect table top, you have to think factors such as the aesthetic beauty of the color, design, and smoothness of the table surface. Its thickness, materials, and configuration used are the features that make a good impression on the buyer. A smooth plastic-coated playing surface can develop amazing spin drives that will amaze the player as well as observers. A thicker top improves the quality of the table tennis table top.

Strength of frame

One of the most important characteristics to look for in a ping pong table is a steel frame. Steel is more durable than aluminum and steel will last longer too. Most of the manufacturer use powder coated undercarriage to avoid rust. Before you purchase a table tennis table, you first consider its structure. You must focus on its capacity strength. Is it takes much weight load or is it gives you heavy-duty support. Because sometimes your table faces lots of extra force when you and your family play continuing several matches then it is important to ensure proper strength frame which can take maximum support.

Convenience features

In the latest ping pong table market trend you can seem lots of amazing and newest feature can add in the ping pong table. And those entire features make a ping pong table.

Now latest ping pong table is designed with the wheel because of it helps to move the table easily. You can get two inches to eight-inch wheel accommodate with the table legs. Especially outdoor table designs with wheels. Without it, you can’t move your table easily. And every customer desire to get maximum comfort while they can use any stuff.

Foldable or portable is another important feature for table tennis table. If you live in a small house or apartment, then the foldable or portable function is ideal for you. When you can buy a table tennis table, then you get it already folding position in the box. You need to open in from the box, and you can seem it is already folding position. After use, you can easily fold the table into two parts.

Latest table tennis table is taking very low space for storage. If you live in a small apartment, then this feature is ideal for you. Some brand is already using space saving technology which can ensure to taking minimum space for the store.

Playback position is a common and popular for those players who need to practice for improving his or her skill. That means if you think you need to do practice then you just fold the one part of the table and make it with playback position and start your practicing and try to improve your table tennis skill.

Safety features

Safety is always a major concern when you are going to buy any product. On my recommended list all product are completely safe for customer use. When you can use the table top surface, you can easily understand how strong it and you can easily put the higher level of load on it. And you can find the safety lock system for lock the table while playing. For the matter of wheel, you can easily lock the wheel lock. When you lock the wheel, then your table can’t move. But after using the table and when you need to move the table than just unlock the wheel switch and you can easily move the table.

Value of the product

Before buying a table tennis table or ping pong table, you need to compare the price or value. How much you spend and what you can get. In the market, you can get lots of low price table tennis table, but that does not fulfill you all desire. You need to compromise some feature which is needed for a flawless gaming experience. And also you can get expensive table tennis table too. And you may understand that easily fulfills your all desire but the budget is another major concern. If your budget is not so high, then you can’t afford those expensive or high-range table tennis or ping pong table. But if you follow my top selected list then you can find many mid-ranges to the high product which can easily fulfill your every desire.

Final Verdict

After all those brief discussions I want to ensure you, if you decide to buy a best ping pong table then without any doubt, you can choose one from my selected list. I can do a deep research and take some expert suggestion then I can make this list. You can get either indoor and outdoor table tennis or ping pong table item from there. I can strongly recommend that’s for your either indoor or outdoor recreational activities with your family, friend or coworkers. Before purchasing a table, you need to consider some facts, and I can already discuss in this article. You can find the low range to high range product with all advanced feature. I can believe that all those can fulfill your every demand what you desire from a ping pong or table tennis table.


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