Top 8 Best Ping Pong Robot Reviews and Buying Guide

One of the excellent methods to practice table tennis, particularly if you don’t have a partner, is by using the best ping pong robot. There is a wide range of ping pong robots out there, and they all have various features which are made to enable you to enhance your weak spots, but they are as well good for beginners to rehearse the moves.

If you have recently started playing table tennis and have a huge interest in the game, you must have bought a good table tennis table and perfect racket. But what about improving the game? For that, you would need a good ping pong robot out there.

best ping pong robot

A ping pong robot is a machine which throws balls towards a fixed net opposite to it. It works as an opponent for you and helps you get better and improve your strokes and hits during a game of table tennis. Though all ping pong robots have different functions and are operated differently, they do work using the same principles.
Ping pong or table tennis robots can be programmed to throw balls at a single speed rate at intervals. The robot can be set to throw balls at backspin, topspin, right side spin or any way you prefer. A table tennis robot basically works as a table tennis coach and trainer. They are being used worldwide by both novice and professional level players.

As they say “practice makes perfect”, a ping pong robot will help you practice your skills, as well as improve your skills in ways you never imagined. This article was written to give you a detailed guide on how to buy the ping pong robot available in the market. We have comparison chart and reviewed of 8 the best ping pong robots available right now.


Best Ping Pong Robot 2021

Robot Name
Ball Net
Remot Control
HUI PANG-07 36 Spins
Wired remote yes
Check Price
Butterfly Amicus Professional
(Editor’s choice)
Yes Analogue Controls
Check Price
HP-07 Ping Pong Robotyes
Wired remote
Check Price
iPong Pro
Wireless Remot Control
Check Price
Newgy Robo-Pong 2050
yesYes Digital Controlsyes
Check Price
iPong V300


Wireless Remot Control

Check Price
Newgy Robo-Pong 2040yesYes Analogue Controls
yes Check Price
Power Pong 3000 Professionalyes
Yes Digital Controls
Check Price

01. HUI PANG-07 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine

This robot is the top table tennis robots that you can get on the market at the cost it sells. Assembling the HUI PANG table tennis robot is simple and it doesn’t need much time. When it has been assembled completely, you will end up using it to produce 1. topspin, 2. backspin, and also 3. sidespin, which is exceptionally useful for practicing on returning various balls.

Important features

  • The tennis robot arrives with a remote control so that you can enjoy in remote controlling from the opposite side of the table. It is an effective and ideal way to enhance your gameplay.
  • The robot is quick to move and adjust depending on your requirements. In the meantime, there is also a feature where you can adjust the speed, the frequency of the ball and adjust long and short balls. There is as well the likelihood to modify it into a random sequence so you can enjoy in extensive training.
  • This top ping pong robot is exceedingly versatile and can work even at as low as 100v with an appraised power of 36w .
  • It can carry more than 100 balls at once, which is a great method to enhance your practice. You don’t need to stress over durability since you have at long last found the robot that will stand the trial of time.
  • It has a ball frequency of 40-70 balls for each minute. You can as well modify the arc at the 7 angles for the training, and also get a ball speed of a maximum of 40m/s.
  • The machine is simple to assemble and set up
  • The robot possess a wired remote control, which implies you don’t need to stress over losing it.
  • The unit is simple to adjust and move around as indicated by your requirements
  • You can as well adjust the speed, arc, the frequency of the ball and alter among short and long balls
  • The robot can carry more than 100 balls at once
  • The unit is costly, which some individuals may not afford
  • Despite everything you will need to pick up all of the ping-pong balls after use.


If you need to develop your table tennis game, you can count on an HUI PANG-07 36 robot. It is useful for table tennis clubs and sports clubs. If you have this ping pong robot in your training area, your players can benefit because they can train easily.


02. Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot

Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot
Sometimes you need to go through intense training to improve your skills and stand well in any kind of tournament. The first ping-pong robot on our list helps you do just that. The Butterfly Amicus Professional robot is a highly functional and packed with features ping pong robot. It is a highly well-equipped and reliable robot.

The Amicus allows you to adjust the ball throwing intervals appropriately. This can be done using its Individual Frequency Controls (IFC) feature. Besides that, you have the cycle mode which helps you set the robot in a way so that there are breaks and pauses during training with the robot.

The ping pong robot comes with a ball frequency control which allows you to set the rate at which the ping pong balls will release. You can save up to 99 sequences on this robot. It also comes with 8 pre-exercise shots. It also comes with a wireless remote that allows you to control the robot from a distance with ease.Make sure you can check our guide to the

Important features

  • Adjust ball intervals with IFC (Individual Frequency Control).
  • Comes with a wireless remote so you can control ball frequency and turn it on and off.
  • Speed, trajectory, and spin can be easily adjusted.
  • Comes with 99 savable sequences and 8 pre-exercise shots in-built.
  • Cycle mode allows you to set breaks and pauses in your exercises.
  • Very premium quality and top-notch features
  • A low maintenance ping pong robot.
  • Very reliable and durable as well.
  • The 8 preset exercises are very helpful.
  • Not for use by novice level players.
  • A bit expensive compared to similar models available in the market.


The Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot is a ping pong robot that helps increase and improve your skills as well as competence. Its brilliant preset exercises make it a robot worth buying. Buy it now if you are a professional level player who wants to increase and improve in the game of table tennis.


3. HP-07 Ping Pong Robot with 36 Different Spin Balls Table Tennis Robots

If you need a unit that shoots balls for basic practice, the Hp-07 Ping Pong Robot is the best decision for beginner machines. This simple, basic, and straightforward unit feature the minimum necessities, giving you a chance to learn new strokes minus the entangled set-up and programming.

The machine can shoot various spin assortments and can be assembled in various directions. It’s crucial to note however that since these settings rely upon the manual change of the barrel, the machine can just discharge a similar shot assortment until the point that you physically change the design.

HP-07 Ping Pong Robot

Important features

  • This robot can serve 36 types of turning balls, and assembling is simple.
  • It can carry up to 110 ping pong balls at once, so you don’t have to reload often.
  • It has two- end serve and single-serve choices accessible, and the falling point is not fixed. This robot can complete a backspin, topspin, sidespin, and mixes. Each turning gear is extraordinary, making it simple to get the ideal spin anytime.
  • You can as well change the position of this robot to precisely how you need. This is an incredible venture for any individual who needs to set up their ping-pong game.
  • It has a total of 36 spin types to select from.
  • It is simple to set up.
  • It can carry up to 110 ping pong balls at a time for less regular reloading.
  • You can change the position of the robot to precisely where you need.
  • Incredible value for the price.
  • Does not have various speed settings.


This is ping pong robot is among the best and its price is very fair. It is an ideal exercise companion to enhance your table tennis experiences. You can use it to get a good workout and to increase the level of play. You can adjust the angle and direction of the ball by slowly turning the swing to move in the desired direction and then turning off the swing. to maintain the position.


4. iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot with exciting Oscillation and wireless remote

The iPong Pro Table Tennis Training Robot is a simple and easy to use ping pong robot. Its top-notch features allow you to train with absolute precision and ease. With this robot, you can create exciting oscillations to the ball like side-to-side oscillations.

The frequency of balls thrown can be set according to your movement rate. This allows you to use the table in front of you without any hassle. The robot can also be spun in different directions during training with it.

The iPong Pro comes with a wired remote that allows you to control all of the above-mentioned features. It allows you to change between different shot options and also set the frequency of balls thrown towards you.

The robot can throw up to 100 balls continuously. It comes with an unconventional feeder disc that prevents balls from getting jammed inside the robot.

Important features

  • Has a top-notch motor and shooting wheel.
  • Very quiet when operating.
  • Made from high quality durable and long lasting plastic.
  • Wired remote can be used to control the robot from your desired distance.
  • Has a 100+ ball capacity.
  • Easy to carry around and store away, as it has the weight of 2.5 pounds.
  • The operation is quiet.
  • Consistency and accuracy are improved.
  • Plastic construction makes it lightweight, but also a bit flimsy.
  • Not for beginner level players, as oscillation is very fast when the ball is thrown.


If you want to improve your skills in the field of table tennis, this is the robot for you. It can help you practice your skills and make you a worthy opponent for any player. You can count on this ping pong robot to give you a fun time during training.


5. Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Digital Table Tennis Robot

You will need a strong, well-equipped and reliable ping pong robot for a serious game of table tennis. If you are a player who takes the game of table tennis seriously, the Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 Digital Table Tennis Robot is just the perfect ping pong robot for you.

This ping pong robot is a mixture of elegance and prestige. The design is very elegant as well as high-tech. In a way, it helps you improve the décor of your training room as well.

The Robo-Pong 2050 comes with around 64 pre-programmed exercises or sequences to test your limits during a game. The programs are also customizable, making it easy for you to operate it as you prefer.

This a ping pong robot that provides you with high precision when spinning and throwing balls. It can quickly and effectively determine the placement, frequency, and speed of the balls. It comes with a recycling net, so there is no hassle of refilling balls by yourself.

Newgy Robo-Pong 2050

Important features

  • Easy to fit on any kind of ping pong table and easy to store away.
  • 64 pre-programmed drills to test your limits.
  • Can produce a variety of spins like topspin, backspin, left sidespin, right sidespin, combination spin.
  • A wide variety of shot selections like push, chop, serve, counter, lob, fast .
  • Easy to set up and store away.
  • Perfect for both training and recreational use.
  • The whole family can use it simultaneously.
  • The pre-programmed rills help increase and enhance your skills in table tennis.
  • The controls aren’t very user-friendly.
  • Sometimes lacks precision when throwing balls.


If you want to improve your skills in the field of table tennis, this is the robot for you. It can help you practice your skills and make you a worthy opponent for any player. You can count on this ping pong robot to give you a fun time during training.


6. iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot with Oscillation and Wireless Remote

Number 7 on our list is the iPong V300 Table Tennis Training Robot. It can be considered a very well-furnished product from iPong. The V300 is mainly designed for the purpose of training and practicing advanced strokes without the help of any human companion.

The iPong V300 is indeed a worthy opponent when it comes to training for table tennis. It comes with a digital display at the front and easily figures out the robots current control settings. Ranges can easily be set from 0-9.

The V300 comes with the latest and most updated software that allows you to adjust spins, speed, and trajectory of balls. It also makes the robot efficient and consistent with its performance. The V300 comes with a wireless remote as well for easy control from afar.

Important features

  • Can hold up to a 100 ping pong balls.
  • The robot can shoot up to 12 to 70 balls per minute.
  • Consistency and accuracy are guaranteed due to it being run on the latest software.
  • Comes with a wireless remote and digital display.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Perfect for competitive sports as well as recreational purposes.
  • Ball jamming never occurs due to having an improved feeder disc.
  • Accuracy and consistency are top-notch.
  • Not very easy to cope with as it throws balls at a rapid rate.
  • Not at all perfect for novice players.


The iPong V300 is a ping pong robot which you should not have a 2nd thought about when buying. Over the years iPong has made sure its ping-pong robots provide users with consistent and world-class performance. Buy it today, if you want a fun time while training for an upcoming tournament or just want to have a fun time.


7. Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 Table Tennis Machine

The Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 is a fun table tennis robot that lets you play with the whole family. It works as a worthy opponent for you and your family members in the game of table tennis. It also helps you improve as a player in table tennis.

The Robo-Pong 2040 is a quality ping robot designed to give you the best performance when it comes to training and playing with the family. The robot comes with a side net for recycling balls, so you don’t have to constantly refill the ball reservoir.

The Robo-Pong 2040 is compatible with most types of table tennis tables. The robot delivers the users with variable spins, trajectory, and speed, to test you like no other robot out there. The robot is also easy to store and travel with. The Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 comes with 4 dozen robot balls for practice.
Newgy Robo-Pong 2040

Important features

  • Wide selection of shots like push, chop, serve, counter, lob, fast loop.
  • Can be used with the whole family playing beside you.
  • Comes with 4 dozen robot balls for training and playing.
  • Comes with analog controls for easy control.
  • Comes with a DVD and set-up manual.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Has wide selections of shots to choose from.
  • Easy to control analog buttons and switches.
  • Analog controls take some time to get used to.
  • Takes up a lot of space when set up.


The Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 is a bang for the buck ping pong robot if you want to have some fun playing with the family alongside. The robot guarantees hours of hassle-free play without worrying ever about maintenance. Buy it before stock runs out.


8. Power Pong 3000 Professional / 100% Customer Satisfaction

Number 8 and last on our list is the Power Pong 3000 Professional Ping Pong Robot. This is a very old school ping pong robot with analog switches and buttons. But its performance and consistency are still unmatched. It can compete for toe to toe with most modern ping pong robots.

The robot comes with 3 wheels that produce different variations of speeds and spins. There are around 8 buttons which can be used to program the robot to shot balls according to the user’s preferences.

The Power Pong 3000 is by far the only ping pong robot in the world with cluster memory feature. The cluster can hold up to 33 ping pong balls. This robot provides its users with a real-time experience unlike any other.

Important features

  • Comes with 8 programmable buttons.
  • Speed and spin combinations are created using its 3 wheels.
  • Cluster memory enables ping pong robot, first of its kind.
  • Holds up to 33 balls.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Can be fit or kept on any type of ping pong table.
  • Balls never jam up in the reservoir and cluster.
  • Spin and speed combinations are perfect for intensive training.
  • Not user-friendly at all.
  • Not for unprofessional level players.


The Newgy Robo-Pong 2040 is a bang for the buck ping pong robot if you want to have some fun playing with the family alongside. The robot guarantees hours of hassle-free play without worrying ever about maintenance. Buy it before stock runs out.


Buying Guide: Things to consider when buying ping pong robots

There are various types of ping pong robots available in the market at the moment. The various options may at one time confuse you and make it troublesome for you to decide which one to get. But making a few considerations will help you better decide which ping pong robot to buy. These considerations are as follows:

  • Battery powered or AC powered: The first thing to consider is whether to get a battery powered one or AC powered one. AC powered ping pong robots provide the user with more speed and power when throwing balls. It is better for frequent players to get an AC powered ping pong robot. Battery powered ones are easier to carry with you during travels or to take to places where there is no electricity available. You will also find ping pong robots which are both AC and battery powered.
  • Wired and wireless remote robots: Some ping pong robots come with a remote that lets you control the various features and settings of the robot.  Most inexpensive robots come with a wired remote and limit how far you can move away from the robot. Some robots come with wireless remotes and can be controlled from as far as 10 feet away or more.
  • Features: Is the robot programmable, refill nets and hopper capacity are some of the key features you should search for in ping pong robots. You should look for features that help you enhance your table tennis skills as well as give you comfort when using such robots. Some robots will also help you improve in certain aspects of the game. But also do consider that the more features a ping pong robot have, the more costly it becomes.
  • Spin types: A ping pong robot can mimic the spin given to ping pong balls by real players. The built-in spin selections will let the robot give the balls a left spin, topspin or a combination of both.
  • Ball capacity: Ball capacity refers to the number of balls a ping pong robot can hold. A ping pong robot has an internal reservoir which can hold up to 100+ balls. This is a very important consideration to make when buying a ping pong robot.
  • Selection of shots: Try to buy a ping pong robot that comes with multiple shot selection features. This allows learning how to react when you are presented with random shots, for example, a chop shot. Most training type ping pong robots come with a specific shot type to practice with.
  • Recycling system: Some ping pong robots allow you to play with freedom without worrying about refilling the robot with balls. This is because these types of robots come with a net, that collects all the balls you have hit or not hit and recycle or push them back into the robot.
  • Portable ping pong robots: Portable ping pong robots have a small ball capacity but are easier to travel with and store away when not in use. Consider buying one, if you want ease of use while using a ping pong robot. Portable ping pong robots are also easy to set up anywhere you want.
  • Brand: You will be surprised to know some specific brands of ping pong robots work better than others.  Some of the most highly used and appreciated ping pong robot brands are iPong, Newgy, Butterfly Amicus, power Pong etc.
  • Skill level: Make sure the ping pong robot you buy is according to your skill level. If you are a beginner level player, it is suggested you avoid robots which have too much speed and power when throwing balls.
  • Price: Price is the final thing you must consider when buying a ping pong robot. Ping pong robots can sometimes be on the expensive side. But it is better to not think about the price if you want a robot that helps you improve your skills and the way you play. But there are also well affordable robots that come with an excellent set of features.

Final Verdict and Editor’s Choice

We really hope our above reviews are informative and eye-opening. It will be the perfect guide for you to make an informed purchasing decision. Before you embark on your journey of finding the ping pong robot available, we will suggest you to carefully go through our guide and also do some self-research. This self-research will more assure you that all information we have provided is accurate and up-to-date.

The top 8 products we have reviewed in our guide, have a high reputation among both professional and novice table tennis players. They have been used by Olympiads and professional table tennis players before their matches or tournaments, for practice there is absolute, no doubt about their quality.

Among the top 8, we think the Butterfly Amicus Professional robot will be a perfect choice, as it has been rated the best ping pong robot by most professional table tennis players. Hope you have enjoyed our article and will soon find your desired ping pong robot.


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