Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews for Professionals and Beginners

Ping pong is a fun and entertaining sport that is playing in both indoor and outdoor around the world, and also played professionally, and even played in the Olympic Games. When you are doing an activity for a long time, you have a tendency to drop your focus gradually because you get tired or just because the action becomes monotonous. That is also true for the ping pong game along with most of the sports out there. When it comes to playing table tennis, our first thought is a best ping pong paddle.

Millions of fans all over the world who can play ping pong game every day in both indoor and outdoor. The game rule is very easy, and you can easily play this game. For that reason this game so much famous. In this content, I can share with you the ping pong paddles necessities. You can also find top ten ping pong racket model with their full review. If ever not playing ping pong or table tennis game without a paddle and table. And also if you haven’t a quality paddle then you can’t feel well during your match.

Best Ping Pong Paddle

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Best Ping Pong Paddles on the Market

In the ping pong paddle market, you can find hundreds of variety of paddle or racket. Some are for beginner, and some are for the professional player. In this content, I can show the top ten best table tennis paddle with a comparison table. I hope this comparison table can help you to select the best ping pong paddle.

Paddle NamePerformance RatingsDimensions (Inc)
STIGA Pro Carbon
(Editor’s choice)
Speed:99 spin:100 control:80 6.25x2x21.5 Check Price
Killerspin JET800Speed:95 spin:90 control:806.1x6x0.5 Check Price
Butterfly 603Speed:82 spin:90 control:8512x14x6 Check Price
Killerspin RTG Diamond
(Professional choice)
Speed:100 spin:94 control:82 Standard Check Price
JOOLA Spinforce 500Speed:95 spin:93 control:916x10x1 Check Price
STIGA EvolutionSpeed:96 spin:94 control:907.3x12x2.8 Check Price
Sport Game Pro
(Beginner’s choice)
Speed:82 spin:91 control:79Standard Check Price
STIGA Performance
(Beginner’s choice)
Speed:38 spin:39 control:5312x15x12 Check Price
Kettler HALO 5.0Speed:70 Spin:60 Control:508.1x11.4x1.6 Check Price
Palio LegendSpeed:100 spin:90 control:60 7.28x1.02x0.98 Check Price


01. STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket

STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket
Table tennis sport or ping pong game as it is otherwise known is a popular sport amongst different age groups. Now I can show a ping pong paddle. It is STIGA pro carbon ping pong or table tennis racket.

Carbon layer technology

The STIGA pro carbon ping pong or table tennis racket has two layers of high-performance carbon are incorporated into the blade, improving strictness and response, which outcome in increased power and speed. You can be enjoying your game if you can hit the ball correctly and receive the ball in adequate timing. Both side designs with two separate colors, one is red, and one is black.

Blade and Rubber

That carbon layers give the ping pong paddle a larger key spot, which is the central area on the paddle that can create the most spin also deliver the most power throughout the ball. Otherwise standard wood ply made paddles the double carbon layers provide the pro carbon not only more spin and power other than a broad area to make it. That might not be instantly noticeable, however, after adjusting to the paddle many players observe the increased vital spot and can make more spin and power on their ball returns.

Approval from the ITTF

STIGA-pro carbon table tennis racket is one of the best on the market with achieving approval from the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation). It meets all the regulations and specifications for rackets used during professional matches as well as any competitive play. If you wish to play the professional standard game, then this is the ideal and best table tennis racket for you. It’s double carbon layers give you to make more spin and hit more great return the ball.

  • ITTF-approved
  • Crystal technology for increased speed
  • Reasonable price
  • Light-weight
  • High-performance rating
  • List Element
  • It works better with loops shots than soft shots


02. Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin JET800 Table Tennis Paddle
When you involve the idea of household sports, there are only a few activities that make the claim of being globally accepted like table tennis game. Made well-known during the different dominant displays this sport has had within the Olympics, table tennis might be a match that can be enjoyed by friends, family along with competitors. It’s a low impact sport that demands too many since it symbolizes one of the few lifetime sports which will be taking part in at almost any age. For playing this game, you need a professional ping pong paddle. Now I can show you Killerspin Jet 800 table tennis paddle which is best paddle for professional gaming.

High-Quality Rubber

Killerspin speed N1 JET800 contains Killerspin’s well-known ITTF approved Nitrx-4Z rubber. The exceptionality of this rubber is that it has high tension as well as fantastic grip. Which is best for heavy spin serves and as well makes it simple to counter spin shots. That Nitrx-4Z rubber can gives you more adequate and powerful strike and makes more spin shot against the opponent.

Handle providing a proper grip

If you can’t get the proper grip on the handle, then you can’t get the precise control over the paddle. So this is quite important to get a good grip. Killerspin speed N1 JET800 gives you a fantastic grip, and you can easily take full control over the paddle. And you can enjoy the professional standard gaming experience with this paddle.


Killerspin speed N1 JET800 builds this with Wooden Side Tape Technology which can keep the internal parts of the blade. That can make this paddle more durable, and you can get a stylish look in this paddle.

Dual Carbon Technology

Killerspin speed N1 JET800 is on the top of the table tennis technology ladder. The double or two layers of a carbon composite material infused keen on the seven layer wood blade gives the extra pop meant for an aggressive play style though maintaining the feel moreover control natural in the Killerspin JET series. The Dual Carbon Technology helps for an extra forgiving blade for additional speed on powerful hitting shots and to suck up slams as of your opponent intended for decent returns. If you want some more great products like this, check our handy guide to the pool cues.

  • Use ITTF approved Nitrx-4Z rubber
  • Wooden Side Tape Technolog
  • Excellent spinning
  • Good control
  • 7-ply blade with five wood layers
  • price is little high


03. Butterfly 603 Shakehand Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly 603 Shakehand Table Tennis Racket
A good ping pong paddle is necessary to the game, and most beginners are likely to get confused about which brand to choose for and what makes will go with their skills improved. While purchase a table tennis racket you need to decide upon the type of blade you desire your paddle to have, the rubber covering the blade, the grip of the paddle also much more. If you are a big fan of table tennis game, then I can recommend you this Butterfly 603 shake-hand table tennis racket.

Make more spin shot

In the recent time, every player tries to play more efficiently. And they try to show different playing capacity what can surprise you. Butterfly 603 can make more spin strike and helps to return the ball with the more powerful hit. Its 2.0mm sponge layer helps you to do this spin and more powerful hitting.


The design is the most important part when you can buy any stuff. Butterfly 603 table tennis rackets can create with shake hand design. It can facilitate and strike even power designed for forehand as well as backhand shots. Backhand shot is allowing you to make more spin shot compare then the other style. Moreover, you can use both forehand and backhand strike with more power and quality spin shot.

Free racket cover

Free or bonus always attracts the customer. As well this paddle model comes with a free racket cover. It can help you to put your ping pong paddle in a safe place, and you can protect it from bad weather too. You can get it with a heavy-duty and good looking gift box.

  • 2.0mm sponge layer
  • Affordable price
  • Comes in a heavy-duty gift box
  • Included paddle protects covers
  • Have warranty
  • Minimum feature paddle


04. Killerspin RTG Diamond TC Premium Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin RTG Diamond Table Tennis Paddle
Table tennis is a game which can give more entertainment and fun what you desire. Table tennis game is quite easy to arrange in your house basement and outdoor garden. You can play this game both indoor and outdoor. Killerspin is a brand who has a good reputation about to produce table tennis game equipment. But in this part, I can show you an outstanding professional grade table tennis or ping pong paddle. It is Killerspin RTG Diamond Premium TC ping pong paddle which is best table tennis racket for spin and speed.

Professional grade ping pong paddle

It is a professional standard table tennis paddle. You can easily attend any professional standard tournament with this paddle. The manufacturer can guarantee its performance level. It creates the fantastic spin shot, and you can hit powerful strike against the opponent shot. It cans gives you very smooth feeling while using this table tennis paddle. Many experts suggest this paddle because of it’s all remarkable facility. If you already start to play the professional match, then this paddle is an ideal option for you.

Titanium and carbon plies

Ordinary ping pong paddle can use only carbon blade, but this paddle can use titanium and carbon plies. That can ensure more durability and strength for controlling this paddle. Its price is quite high, but you can get all amazing benefits for this price. You may also be interested in some of the pickleball paddles reviews, so take a moment to check them out.

  • Professional grade ping pong paddler
  • Titanium and carbon plies
  • Make better spin shot
  • Easily control the paddle
  • Price is very high


05. JOOLA Spinforce 500 Racket

JOOLA Spinforce 500 Racket
JOOLA is well-known brand about manufacturing sports equipment. They have an excellent reputation for producing table tennis game equipment. I am sure you also hear the name of this brand. For that reason, I can recommend you this JOOLA spin-force 500 table tennis racket. It is a stylish and colorful looking ping pong or table tennis paddle.

ITTF approved for professional tournament

International table tennis federation can approve this JOOLA 500 racket model for meets standards of the professional competition. If you a big fan of table tennis game and try to be a professional player then this is the ideal paddle for you. JOOLA can design this paddle with all latest feature what is desirable for a professional level match. You can get perfect control and able to make the better spin shot and great strike return. You can get it with the pre-assembling position when you can get it on your hand. You just open the box, and you are ready starting your match with this racket.

7-layered plywood blade

JOOLA spin-force 500 table tennis racket designs with seven plywood layer for adequate performance. That can help you to make the better shot and proper defend ball from the opponent. Its seven plywood layer blade helps you to make more speed and better spin shot.

Sleek pre-assembled racket

You can get it with the pre-assembling position when you can get it on your hand. You just open the box, and you are ready starting your match with this racket.

  • 7-layered plywood blade
  • ITTF approved for professional tournamen
  • Sleek pre-assembled racket
  • Make better spin shot
  • Price is pretty high


06. STIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket

TIGA Evolution Table Tennis Racket
Table tennis racket or ping pong paddle is such thing which is most needed for a table tennis game. Without a paddle, you can’t play your game. In the market, you can find hundreds of model from the dozen of brands ping pong paddle. But which one is the ideal for you? Lots of customers feel hesitation about which one is the best table tennis paddle in the market. If you are also the member of these hesitate group, then I can help you to find a suitable paddle. I can recommend you this STIGA-evolution model table tennis racket.

Using Shock Dispersion Technology (SDT)

STIGA evolution ping pong or table tennis racket is the feature by shock dispersion technology (SDT), which could not be receiving in ordinary table tennis paddle. The SDT facilitate in absorbing the vibration which you face while playing a strike and this technology transfers it into power which will allow you in playing a much better hitter with a better control and speedy.

ITTF Approved Rubber

The rubber used in this ping pong paddle is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) itself designed for the performance level for professional tournaments. What it supports by ITTF is an additional proof that the table tennis paddle is not like other table tennis paddle, but it is the one used by the professionals themselves.​


Its backhand was enormous. It was pretty good for playing close to the table also blocking and pushing back the heavy spin shot. Playing off the table was quite hard due to the slowness of the paddle blade.

  • ITTF approved rubber
  • Using shock dispersion technology (SDT)
  • Performance-level table tennis racket
  • Premium 2.0 MM sponge rubber on both sides
  • Light-weight paddle
  • Rubber may not create good spin shot


07. Sports Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle with Killer Spin

Sports Game Pro Ping Pong Paddle
If you are on a look for the best table tennis bats for beginners, your search will be in ineffective as there isn’t one. It is because there are many different types of ping pong paddles and every player will have his or her individual choices. One thing is for sure, however, and that is that an excellent beginner paddle will be a terrible one for an advanced player as well as vice versa. The more professional you are, the more you will desire to spin the ball which can just be done with a professional standard paddle. In this part of the content, I can show you an amazingly low price but highly adequate ping pong paddle model. And that is Sports-game pro table tennis paddle


In the market, you must notice almost all paddle are in same design. But this design is much important when you are going to buy anything. It is a usual tendency to see the design before purchasing a product. But in the matter of ping pong paddle, you can get confused because all of the paddles are looking similar. But this sports-game table tennis paddle is incredibly designed with colorful looks.

Proper for beginner

Sports-game table tennis paddle particularly design for the beginner player. But you can get an incredible feel during the match. It contains total 5-ply pure wood layer. That can ensure the proper strike and defend the ball

Top-quality rubber

It contains 2.0 mm top-quality rubber which can provide more accurate shot against the opponent. And it creates unpredictable spin, better control, and persistent base-strength.

  • 5-ply pure wood layer
  • Fantastic low price
  • Stylish and colorful looks
  • 30-days warranty
  • 2.0 mm high-quality rubber
  • Beginner level paddle


08. STIGA Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Racket Set

STIGA Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Racket
Ping pong or table tennis is a game which can give you more entertainment than the other match. Ping pong game is straightforward to learn. For that reason, this game gets more popularity. Now millions of people around the world playing ping pong game in their house basement or outdoor environment. A ping pong paddle is a piece of equipment which is most needed for ping pong game. Now I can recommend you this set of table tennis racket with six ping pong ball. It is stiga Performance 4-Player Table Tennis Racket which is best table tennis paddle for intermediate player.

Four rackets and six 3-star balls set

STIGA can offer this set or bundle of table tennis racket and ball set. If your budget is not quite much, then I can strongly recommend this bundle of accessories set. It includes four heavy-duty performances ping pong paddle and six 3-star ping pong ball. Three is the yellow color, and three is white color ping pong ball. That can help you to choose the preferred one what you can pick from those color ball.

Tournament play standard 3-star ball

Those balls meet the standard of professional tournament grade. That can help you to any professional tournament in outdoor or indoor. You can also use this ball for improving your skill with playback position practicing.

  • Complete racket and ball set
  • Four ping pong paddle
  • Sin 3-star ping pong ball
  • Reasonable price
  • 90-days warranty
  • Paddles are suitable for beginner player


09. Kettler HALO 5.0 Indoor or Outdoor Table Tennis Bundle

Kettler HALO 5.0 paddle
Table tennis or ping pong game achieves more popularity in the last decade. The reason is it very easy to learn, and you can easily arrange all the necessities of the table tennis game. After a long tiredly day you need some recreational activities or fun for stay your concentration. Table tennis or ping pong game is games which can give you more fun what you need. In this part, if the content, I can recommend this table tennis bundle set. It includes two table tennis racket and three ping pong ball.

Complete table tennis bundle

If you have table tennis table, then you are almost ready to play the game, but you need some more accessories. And that is ping pong paddle and ball. Without those table tennis table can’t give the gaming fun. In this bundle, you can get two table tennis racket and three regular size 3-star ping pong ball.

Both indoor and outdoor use

You can use this racket both indoor and outdoor. It designs with the waterproof facility. If you can play in the outdoor environment, then an ordinary wood made paddle can’t protect its durability. But this can give you such facility.

  • Complete table tennis bundle
  • Affordable price
  • Two table tennis racket
  • Three white color 3-star ping pong ball
  • Make better spin shot
  • Waterproof design
  • Use both indoor and outdoor
  • Minimum feature paddle


10. Palio Legend 2 Table Tennis Racket & Case

Palio Legend 2 Table Tennis Racket
Table tennis paddle is most needed accessories for playing table tennis game. You can’t play table tennis game without a paddle. In the market, you can get hundreds of model from the dozen of brands. But all are not the desired quality. Now I can show you an outstanding ping pong paddle with affordable price. It is Palio legend two ping pong paddle with the case. You can get a free paddle case.

Palio x ETT Legend 2 blade

Its remarkable feature is two blade structures which can make this paddle more durable. You can get speedier shots with a fantastic spin shot. You can also defend the shot from against. That double blade helps you to make well balance during the game.

Price Comparison

Compare the price you can get lots more about the price. You can only spend under fifty dollar, but you can get an amazing ping pong paddle at this low price.

  • Palio x ETT Legend 2 blade
  • Affordable price
  • Make more powerful strike
  • Reasonable price
  • Make better spin shot
  • Minimum feature paddle


All about Ping Pong Paddle


The Table tennis paddle or racket is constructed from laminated hardwood. Both sides of the paddle are layering through a textured rubber surface. It is the surface that helps the player to apply precise movements with the paddle when striking the ball to control the direction and spin of the ping pong ball . Many paddles will have the variety of textures or rubber compounds functionally to either side of the racket so that a player can increase his or her capacity for ball return. Ping pong paddles used in the competition will have one side covered in a red rubberized covering and the other side covered in black. That helps both the player as well as opponent know which side of the paddle the ball was the strike. Moreover, the rubber composition is different on the one hand the ball will respond differently to a hit. There may be extra spin or less speed when hitting from one side of the paddle than the other.
Structure Of Ping Pong Paddle

Main Parts of Ping-Pong Paddle

A table tennis paddle or ping pong paddle build with main two materials. That is blade and rubber. And both are connected with glue. All of these made the original structure of the ping pong paddle. If you are still confused, then I can describe you in detail.

The Blade is made from wood along with sometimes other materials like carbon. Other than the thin layers of wood form the primary element of the blade. The blade is the paddle’s face also the grip is called the handle. Layering the wood has been prepared for quite some time, as it’s frequently believed to add to the competitive border rather than using an only piece of woods. Manufacturers are trying different combinations and thicknesses of wood layers and other materials to gain more speed and to provide greater control over the paddle. The layering expands to the grip of the handle as well. Sometimes the ping pong racket handle is hollowed-out to construct less weight furthermore a feel that some like better.

You can strike or hit the ball with the rounded part of the paddle blade. That rounded part is covered with the rubber layer. Rubber layer helps you to make more spin and use more power while striking the ball to the opponent. Both sides, of the racket, have this rubber layer. And it designed with the separate color. One is red, and another one is black. You can find some brand and model of the paddle can offer to make more spin and you can h strike the ball with more power.

Type of ping pong paddle

Usually, there has two main type of ping pong paddle. Shakehand and Penhold are the two most important blade types. If you hold the table tennis paddle as like you are shaking hands, in that case, you should pick a Shakehand blade. Over the 90% of the blades can sell are Shakehand style blade paddle. Other than if you hold your paddle as like you would hold a pen or else chopsticks, then you should select a Penhold blade.

Penhold vs shakehold grip

Penhold blade provides better short games and better flips except for weaker defense and more vulnerable of the match. Shakehand provide more power and extra variety in shot making other than less slyness. Penhold styles have an advantage in service spin stick but the disadvantage in switching toward backhand.

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Ping Pong Paddle – Buyer’s Guide

Picking the right ping pong paddle can often be a complicated decision for professional players too. As a professional or advanced player, you possibly have a much better idea of what you are searching for and will have used several other rubbers along with blades in the past. All the ping pong paddle manufacturers argue that their best rubbers are super-spiny and super-fast, with super-durable and super-control. They claim their top-quality blades will raise your game to ever professional levels.


There has no official rule about table tennis racket or paddle shape, size or weight. But the paddle blade must be flat and rigid. And also that must be made of at least 85% of natural wood. But when you are going to the market for picking a paddle, you can find almost all models is the similar size. Moreover, the common and standard size is 6-inces (15 cm) wide and 10-inces 925 cm) long including the handle. You must notify all models of racket or paddle is look like round shape in striking part and a handle for control over the ping pong paddle. Another quality of latest model paddle is design with a rubber layer. That can help you to make a more powerful strike and an adequate spin through the ball hitting to the opponent. You can notice lots of change and innovation comes in the ping pong paddle or racket. The manufacturer can add a more extra layer for more professional feeling while using the paddle. But that is remarkably lightweight, and you can easily handle it. A few years ago only wood layer paddle was available on the market. But the recent time you can easily get a professional standard rubber layer at a reasonable price.

Customized or ready-made racket

You can get two choice options, one is customized, and another one is ready-made table tennis racket. Customized racked is for beginner player who just starts the table tennis game or improves his or her skill. But the ready-made paddle is much available on the market, and you can easily get one for the local shop or online market. You can get beginner level to advanced level table tennis paddle in the marker. An advanced or professional paddle is designed with five to seven layers of blade, wood, and rubber. All of these joint together with the glue and you can get a ping pong paddle.

Price range

Price is always a major concern when you can decide to buy any goods or stuff. In the point of your table tennis game which is much important than other stuff what you needed. Then I can tell you that, you can easily get a low price to high range table tennis racket. But all are not the desired quality what you need for your match.

Buy a rubberized for extra control

Rubber layer is now a standard design for ping pong paddle. But when you are going purchase a paddle, you must seem the how thin the rubber layer is. You must pick the paddle which has sufficient level of the rubber layer. Because of that can ensure the quality shot what you need for your game. That rubber layer helps you to make more spin and strike the more powerful shot to the opponent.

Buy a light-weight paddle

Weight can also influence the game performance. If you can choose a heavy weight paddle, then you can’t get much control over the paddle what you get from a light-weight paddle. You can easily get a light-weight ping pong paddle from the market because all manufacturers can offer light-weight paddle for extra control and high performance.

Paddle with quality grip

All table tennis or ping pong paddle comes in similar shape. And they have a handle for control the paddle. But all are not giving you the proper grip what you needed for quality performance in the match. Before a buy, a paddle must test the grip of the paddle.

Beginner or advanced level paddle

In the market, you can find both beginner and advanced level ping pong paddle. But which one is the ideal for you? You have to decide before buying a paddle. If you choose to play this game for passing your leisure time, then beginner level paddle is enough. But if you willing to play ping pong game regular and go to a professional tournament then advanced level paddle is ideal for you.


Final verdict

After all those discussions, I can recommend you to buy an advanced level table tennis or ping pong paddle. You must see the spin creating capacity and strength of the powerful strike capacity before purchasing a paddle. If you still in suspense then without any doubt select one from my top ten list. Because of I can do lots of research and take the expert suggestion for making this list. You can get the low price to high price paddle which can fulfill the demand of professional standard tournament. So I can suggest you pick a best ping pong paddle or table tennis racket in my top selected list.

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